DirectSave broadband drops to £17.95 a month

DirectSave broadband drops to £17.95 a month

Thursday, 2 November, 2017

DirectSave has cut the price of its unlimited standard 17Mbps broadband to £17.95 a month become the UK’s cheapest as of November 2017.

It undercuts by 54p a month the current lowest-price broadband: TalkTalk’s £18.49 a month 17Mbps broadband.

DirectSave are one of the only large providers on the market not to carry out a credit check on potential new customers.

The other UK-wide provider to do so is First Utility.

If you’re struggling to get broadband elsewhere because of a poor credit rating DirectSave is a solid option.

With this £17.99 a month deal DirectSave offer a broadband speeds up to 17Mbps.

Be aware that this is the maximum speed the line can handle, and the average speed you get at your address may be significantly lower.

Test your current broadband speed here.

What do you get?

  • Unlimited data usage
  • 12 month contract
  • Free DirectSave Club Card for cashback and discounts
  • Free router
  • No setup costs
    • Unlimited Broadband

      Unlimited Broadband

      Average* 11Mbps UnlimitedBroadband
      Setup costs £0 £44.95 (inc. new line)
      • Free Discount Club membership
      • Free wireless router

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