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What kind of broadband is ‘up to 1Gbps?’

‘Up to 1Gbps’ is a type of fibre-optic connection, also known as ‘gigabit broadband’.

Gigabit broadband is a kind of full-fibre broadband, which means no copper cables are used at any point in the connection.

Because they don’t use any copper, gigabit connections cannot join any existing networks and must instead be built from scratch.

No national ISP like TalkTalk, Sky or Virgin Media can offer to sell you gigabit broadband because they don’t have any of their own gigabit networks.

You may see smaller broadband providers selling gigabit broadband such as CityFibre, Hyperoptic or Gigaclear, who only operate in rural areas, in specific parts of the country, or only sell to businesses.

Gigabit broadband hasn’t been around for very long, so coverage is extremely limited and many gigabit locations are classed as ‘experiments’ and not ‘rollouts’.

There are plans up and down the country to increase gigabit broadband availability, so before long we could see full-fibre networks completely replace broadband networks based on copper cables.

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