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What kind of broadband is ‘up to 300Mbps?’

‘Up to 300Mbps’ is the maximum cable broadband speed available in the UK and is exclusive to Virgin Media.

Virgin’s broadband network is made up of cable broadband, which is theoretically much faster than the fibre broadband available from other ISPs.

The reason for this is that the technology uses both fibre and coaxial copper cables for the broadband connection. Coaxial cables have better shielding than normal copper telephone lines.

Virgin Media’s ‘up to 300Mbps’ connection, called Vivid 300, gives customers access to the full capacity of their cable broadband with no limitations.

It features 20Mbps upload speeds in addition to 300Mbps download speeds, providing breakneck speed for both sides of your connection.

These speeds are impressive, but for most users they will be quite unnecessary. Even Virgin themselves seem to struggle to think of reasons to have that much bandwidth.

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