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A 5G future means amazing faster download times

A 5G future means amazing faster download times

According to a new report, the advent of 5G internet speeds means that consumers could save almost one full day a month in download time.

HighSpeedInternet.com, found that the faster speeds used for surfing social media, gaming online, streaming media and downloading TV shows and movies will be 64 times faster than current 4G.

While, of course, this will depend on the individual user, the report found that using 5G instead of 4G could result in downloading a movie in just six seconds, instead of the seven minutes currently needed.

Likewise, a user with 5G will be able to save more than three hours when downloading a Spotify library of up to 10,000 songs. They assert that using 5G will save about 23 hours per month across movies, TV, music, games and social media.

There has been a lot of hype and build-up to the introduction of 5G internet speeds. We looked at the average time people spend on social media, gaming, listening to music and downloading movies and how much the average consumer could save using 5G speeds instead of current speeds.

Internet speeds will be the biggest difference between using 5G and 4G internet. Social media will load faster, especially videos. It’ll be faster to download movies and music and gaming will be significantly easier.

No matter who you are, 5G speeds will change your online experience. 5G will make the internet on your smartphone similar to a home wifi connection, which means a lot of us will have to stop stressing and searching for free Wi-Fi while out and about.

- Victoria Merinda: Community Manager, HighSpeedInternet.com

And it won’t only be us consumers, businesses will also benefit from 5G because all connections will be faster. Allowing companies to utilise their smart technology more effectively than before. This could mean increasing productivity in a business as they’ll be able to do more without having to wait for loading times and consequently, more scope for opportunities.

The report also highlighted the fact that the 5G infrastructure will be less intrusive and potentially less expensive than cable or fibre and consequently, lowers the cost of entry into the marketplace for potential businesses.

Businesses such as mobile phone operators or power companies could move into the ISP sector and with increased competition should logically lead to lower prices and service levels improved.

There are though some cons to 5G. The most obvious is its reduced range. A 5G node has a smaller service area compared to 4G wireless network nodes. To overcome this ISPs will have to install more 5G nodes.

It has also been noted that 5G has had trouble penetrating barrier like hills or even, they found, vegetation. The report says that signal boosters or reflectors could overcome this problem.

Image: ibtimes.co.uk

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