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Apple launches new ‘Sign-in with Apple’ feature

Apple launches new ‘Sign-in with Apple’ feature

At its recent Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple launched a new, privacy-focused authentication system called ‘Sign-In with Apple.’ This new feature should provide better privacy protections especially when compared with similar features from Facebook and Google.

According to Apple’s presentation the new feature is fast, secure and privacy friendly. It will, they say, allow users to sign into a third-party application with their Apple ID, while making it harder for apps to track them.

Apple claimed that by signing-in Apple ID would protect users’ privacy by not disclosing their actual email addresses to the third-party services and would also limit personal information to a minimum.

After witnessing Netflix customers and Amazon partners having their accounts hacked, this new feature from Apple is a much-needed step in the right direction toward safer web commerce.

One area that would still remain vulnerable has to do with consumer behaviour toward phishing as there are still too many instances where consumers literally give away their credentials to hackers unintentionally. Increased awareness might be the only way to reduce risk in the foreseeable future.

- Shlomi Gian: CEO, CybeReady

Developers will be able to add the ‘Sign in with Apple’ button to their apps and users will only need to tap it in order to authenticate themselves through FaceID with a new account.

And while apps can request the user’s name and email address the new system allows them to hide the real email address and instead provide a randomly generated address from where emails are forwarded to the user, keeping your primary address private.

This feature should be a boon against spam emails. But it will also mean a user will be able to see exactly who is sharing and selling your email when those random emails start getting the spam from companies buying up data.

Apple said that the new feature will work on iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. It can also be added to websites and apps running on other platforms.

During the conference Apple also announced that its upcoming iOS 13 should be launched later this year and will also include some privacy-focused enhancements, such as making it easier for users to prevent apps from tracking their location.

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