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Vodafone admits to problems with streaming

Vodafone admits to problems with streaming

Vodafone has admitted that a ‘technical issue’ is to blame for many broadband customers being unable to stream from popular sites.

Following customer complaints on Vodafone’s own customer forum it was revealed that users were unable to watch live footage from game streaming site Twitch or from online television sites such as IPTV and Netflix.

Broadband line speeds are an essential component of Vodafone’s marketing campaigns. The ISP giant currently offers ‘superfast speeds to our router or money off until it’s fixed’ on both its 35Mbps and 63Mbps connection offers.

Among the threads complaining about the streaming service, some have accused Vodafone of selectively throttling users’ connections. Bandwidth throttling refers to the intentional slowing down of an internet service by an ISP. It is generally used to regulate network traffic and minimise bandwidth congestion.

Vodafone has flatly denied the accusation. Instead, Vodafone pointed to a problem with ‘some line cards’ that had affected a ‘small number of customers.’

We are in the process of upgrading our network configuration and discovered a technical issue with some line cards which means a small number of customers may experience slower speeds when accessing certain sites.

This has nothing to do with throttling or traffic management, which we do not use on our broadband service. We are working hard to fix the issue in order to give any customer affected a great online experience.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.

- Spokesperson: Vodafone

So far Vodafone has not elaborated how a line card, which is essentially a piece of street cabinet-level connectivity equipment, would affect download speeds base purely on a site accessed by a customer.

Neither, it seems has Vodafone been able to explain why it has yet to fix a problem, customers have complained about since the start of January or why customers have not been offered refunds or even cancelation of their contracts without charges.


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