Technicolor DWA0120
  • Wifi Standards:n / ac
  • Dual Band:Yes (5GHz / 2.4GHz)
  • Top Speed:1000 Mbps
  • Antennae:Not specified
  • Ethernet Ports: 4 x Gigabit
  • USB Ports: 1

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Talk Talk say gaming puts strain on network

ISP say they anticipate strain on network around the release of major games like Call of Duty.

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Virgin Media extends offer on broadband boosting mesh!

The cable broadband provider offer wifi booster to more customers following successful trials.

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Sky Broadband pledge to go zero carbon by 2030.

ISP Sky joins UK providers in pledge to become carbon neutral - with the most ambitious target yet.

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What to do when some wireless devices connect to WiFi but others don’t

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