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Why is my broadband so slow?

There are many reasons why your broadband could be slow.

In general, the further away your home is from a green street cabinet, the slower your type of broadband connection will be.

The more people that use the same WiFi, the slower it will be. This applies both to the people inside your house, and to your neighbours.

Electrical interference or poor weather conditions can also disrupt broadband speeds.

There may also be a problem with your ISP or the company that supplies your broadband.

If you are using wireless internet at home you may find it slower or less reliable than a wired connection.

If you do have trouble connecting in this case, try plugging your device into the router and you’ll probably notice a difference. As wireless connections rely on a frequency, they can be susceptible to interference – from neighbour’s WiFi for example.

If making a wired connection isn’t possible, you can also try moving your device closer to the router or investing in a better quality aerial or signal booster, to better move the data around.

Always keep in mind, the more users on a network, the more demand for data and the slower it will be.

If you’re in a busy environment with several devices connected at once, you may want to check your speed when there are fewer people around.

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