Pay Per Play 2019

How much money do famous music artists make through Spotify in 2019?

Note: an updated version of this study can be found at Pay Per Play 2022

Musicians and DJs make most of their money through selling merchandise, guest appearances and performing live across the world. But in an age of ever-evolving technology, where physical record purchases are less popular, what is the earning potential of online streaming?

The Pay Per Play report by Broadband Deals analyses some of the worlds biggest artists and their most-streamed songs on Spotify, from Paul McCartney to Justin Bieber and reveals exactly how much they’ve cashed in.

Streaming can pay well - once you've got a few hundred million fans. In the meantime, struggling artists still need cheap internet deals!

Spotify currently pays out $0.00437/£0.0034 per play according to Digital Music News, offering more money per play than Napster, Amazon and Youtube!