Broadband Deals in Liverpool: a wide variety to suit all budgets

Broadband deals in Liverpool

It’s common for postcode searches on the Broadband Deals website to deliver a couple of hundred different internet packages and special offers.

When it comes to broadband deals in Liverpool, however, things are rather different.

As an example, residents served by the Aintree exchange can choose between almost 400 different deals at the time of writing, from 14 internet service providers (ISPs).

The rich diversity of broadband deals in Liverpool reflects the fiercely competitive broadband market in this vibrant city – and the speed of many domestic connections.

On the Mersey beat

A £30 million project is underway to bring gigabit-capable fibre broadband connections to commercial clients across the Liverpool City Region, using 130 miles of new cabling.

At the same time, residential customers are beginning to reap the rewards of Openreach’s multi-billion pound investment in full fibre connections, with work ongoing across Merseyside.

This has ensured many boroughs in Liverpool are able to receive some of the best connectivity in the UK.

Last year, a road in Wavertree was included in a list of the ten UK streets enjoying the fastest home broadband connectivity.

In parallel with Openreach’s infrastructure works, there are also full fibre networks on offer in Liverpool from companies like Virgin Media, running along proprietary cabling.

However, it’s worth noting that not everyone needs the fastest connectivity their home can receive.

If your browsing habits are light and you’re not a fan of streaming services, you might be able to manage with an ADSL broadband deal distributed along phone lines.

There’s also the full range of Fibre to the Cabinet broadband deals available, using full fibre infrastructure between data servers and local pavement exchanges, before phone lines extend into individual dwellings.

If this is all gobbledegook to you, check our guide to the differences between ADSL and full fibre broadband.

The best broadband deals in Liverpool

You’ll find a comprehensive selection of broadband deals in Liverpool right here on

We list a variety of contract lengths (one month to two years), connection types (ADSL to full fibre) and ISPs (from BT to Vodafone).

You can organise deals by the total first year cost or the lowest monthly payments, ensuring householders on a budget extract maximum value from any broadband deals in Liverpool.

If value for money is a priority, checkout our explainer on how to get broadband on a budget.