Broadband deals in Newcastle – plenty available, but take care choosing the right deal for your circumstances

Broadband deals in Newcastle

Newcastle is a microcosm of the UK broadband market, in both positive and negative ways.

Residents of Jesmond will find around 300 broadband deals in Newcastle available right here on, from over a dozen different ISPs.

Yet these deals vary hugely in nature – and also performance.

Some deliver blistering download speeds of 380Mbps, while others trundle along at ADSL speeds of 11Mbps on average.

Like most British cities (though not Hull, which has its own unique fibre broadband network), Newcastle residents rely on a patchwork quilt of connectivity.

There are ultrafast cables laid by BT and Virgin Media, while firms like Shell Energy and John Lewis transmit their services along slower Fibre to the Cabinet connections.

Choosing broadband deals in Newcastle

The connectivity offered by your postcode or local exchange is only one factor to consider when reviewing and shortlisting broadband deals in Newcastle.

Another is contract length, with available deals ranging from 30-day rolling contracts to 18-month agreements.

It is possible to get out of a rolling 30-day contract, but the flexibility they offer generally makes this unnecessary.

They’re ideal if your circumstances may change in the next year (such as an impending house move), since longer contracts may be difficult to cancel.

Many ISPs will impose fees equivalent to the remaining months of your contract, making an early cancellation unjustifiably expensive.

Cost is another vital factor in choosing your next broadband deal, with up-front fees and monthly charges prominently listed on this site.

Which ISPs offer broadband deals in Newcastle?

There’s rarely a shortage of ISPs willing to service customers in a large metropolitan area, and Newcastle is no exception.

Our deals include offers from Sky and SSE, Virgin Media and Vodafone, BT and their EE subsidiary.

If you’re not familiar with how broadband infrastructure works, it’s worth noting that Virgin have their own full(ish) fibre cabling, which is only present in certain Tyneside postcodes.

Most other ISPs use the Openreach network. This former BT offshoot doesn’t favour its old parent company, so you’re equally free to sign up with BT or any other ISP.