Accessibility & User Experience

Accessibility & User Experience

We want you to have the best possible experience when you visit us at Our goal is to help everyone in the UK to find the very best deals – and we really do mean everyone.

We know that our visitors access in a variety of ways. We know you use many different devices, with a wide range of abilities. To make sure no-one is left out, our development team are working hard to build a website that works for everyone.

Accessibility Goals

When making changes to, we refer to the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This is a set of recommendations designed to make the internet more easily accessible for everyone, and particularly for people with disabilities “including blindness and low vision, deafness and hearing loss, learning disabilities, cognitive limitations, limited movement, speech disabilities, photosensitivity and combinations of these”.

Our intention is to ensure that meets at least the minimum ‘A’ level accessibility recommendations and to keep improving on this strong foundation.

Assistive Technology

With that in mind, we’ve built to be easily accessed using keyboard-only, voice-control and/or screen-readers. We try wherever possible to use intuitive, semantic HTML and to keep things organised in easy-to-use sections.

We try to ensure all text on our site is easily readable, however some users may benefit from viewing the site at higher contrast, or with different colour-schemes. We recommend using Chrome browser, with Google’s High Contrast plugin for best results. Some other browsers have built-in options to achieve this, see the following links: Firefox, Internet Explorer.

Responsive Design

We designed this website to be used on any screen size, from ultra high-definition monitors to the smallest smartphones. This also means users with limited vision can simply zoom in to make small text more readable. On most browsers users can zoom in our out by holding the Ctrl/Cmd key and either pressing the + or – keys, or rolling the mouse-wheel. Touch-screen users can zoom using a two-finger pinching motion.

Clear and Simple

We do our best to make sure all of the text on our site is written in plain English. That means we try to avoid long, waffling, jargon-heavy articles. We’ve also chosen our fonts, text-sizes and colour-schemes to be easy-on-the-eyes – so no more straining to read the small print.

Help Us to Do Better

We make efforts to test the accessibility of, but we know there will be times when problems slip under our radar. Like every site, we rely on feedback from our users in order to improve.

If you’ve identified an accessibility problem on our site, or if you have more general feedback, please get in touch with us so that we can make the changes needed to be the most accessible broadband comparison site in the UK.

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