Broadband in Cardiff: a wide choice of providers, line speeds and costs for homeowners and tenants alike.

Broadband deals in Cardiff

Home to almost half a million people, the Welsh capital is a dynamic city where much of the country’s industry and service sector infrastructure is located.

As such, you’d expect there to be plentiful broadband deals in Cardiff, covering a spectrum of price points and connection speeds. And you’d be right.

When BT began rolling out superfast broadband services in Wales a decade ago, they started with the Cardiff Central exchange.

Today, you’ll find connections approaching gigabit speeds pre-installed throughout the city, from Cardiff Bay’s luxury apartments to Coryton’s semi-detached houses.

Even in the outlying residential estates bordering the M4 at Lisvane and Thornhill, speeds of 300Mbps are on offer – more than sufficient for the vast majority of local residents.

Choosing broadband deals in Cardiff

We currently list deals on broadband in Cardiff from a dozen of the UK’s leading ISPs, including Sky and Shell, iTalk and TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Vodafone.

As we recently explained, choosing a bigger ISP doesn’t necessarily guarantee you the fastest line speeds, best customer service or even the most reliable connectivity.

Instead, you should consider your existing internet usage, and how a new or different contract might affect this.

Some of the most popular broadband deals in Cardiff being advertised here include extras you might not need – internet protection if you’ve already got comprehensive antivirus software, for instance.

Similarly, it’s easy to sign up to a triple-play or quad-play contract – but harder to extricate yourself from it if certain aspects turn out to be unnecessary or surplus to requirements.

Beware of setup fees, too, which can reduce the affordability of a particular package. You can search our deals by monthly cost, and also by the total first year cost.

The latter is more reflective of what you’ll pay overall, though some of the remaining ADSL contracts have no initial setup costs while others only charge £5 or £10.

If you might be moving house in the next year or two, portability becomes a bigger issue. You may wish to opt for a rolling 30-day contract rather than committing to a fixed period.

This is especially true if you’re signing up with a full fibre company whose services rely on proprietary infrastructure that may not be available at your next property.