Broadband deals in Birmingham: a spectrum of offers, some more affordable than others.

Broadband deals in Birmingham

As the UK’s second city, it’s unsurprising that Birmingham offers some of the best internet connectivity in the country.

It’s rather more surprising that many of its outer suburbs – and even some inner ones – have been left behind in the national race towards hyperfast connections and gigabit broadband.

There are affluent suburbs and working-class districts alike where broadband deals in Birmingham remain restricted to ADSL speeds – or Fibre to the Cabinet if you’re lucky.

(You can find out what these terms mean in our broadband jargon-buster guide).

Conversely, there are estates in areas like Weoley Hill where hyperfast connections are available to every resident, future-proofing post-war flats for decades to come.

Who offers broadband deals in Birmingham?

Given the city’s population of 1.15 million people, it’s unsurprising that every major ISP offers broadband deals in Birmingham.

There are established giants like BT and Sky, Millennial brands including TalkTalk and Plusnet, dedicated cable companies such as Virgin Media and Hyperoptic… the list goes on.

It’s worth noting that cable services remain patchy outside the urban core, where population densities are highest and profits per metre of cable laid are highest.

If you’re out in Solihull or West Bromwich, your options for switching broadband will be more limited than if you live in Small Heath or Westside.

Either way, you’re more likely to benefit from the fastest internet connectivity if you live in a modern estate than along an established street.

As we recently reported, it’s more cost-effective for broadband infrastructure providers to pre-cable new estates with connectivity than it is to retrofit established schemes.

Finding the best broadband deals in Birmingham

You don’t have to look beyond this page for good-value broadband deals in Birmingham.

It’s possible to tailor searches around a variety of factors including average speed, monthly cost and the total price you’ll pay over the first year of a new contract.

If you’re unhappy with your existing ISP, we recently published a guide on cancelling a broadband contract early, helping people to move on before their fixed-term contract ends.

You may feel it’s worth cancelling your existing contract early and paying any incurred fees, if this allows you to resolve ongoing service issues or significantly improve line speeds.