Broadband in Norwich: hundreds of varied deals with a great range of prices.

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To anyone unfamiliar with East Anglia, the lack of motorways and sparse rural population may suggest Norwich is something of a backwater.

Yet when it comes to internet connectivity, Norwich boasts infrastructure and line speeds which most cities in Britain would be envious of.

Gigabit broadband has reached the heart of Norfolk, with the residents of Earlham Road among many in the city who can receive full fibre coverage at 1Gbps.

That’s almost a hundred times faster than any households forced to rely on ADSL connectivity across a copper telephone line can experience.

And as we’ve reported in the past, some of the areas still reliant on outmoded phone lines aren’t the ones you’d expect

Selecting between broadband deals in Norwich

At any given time, you can expect to see around 300 broadband deals in Norwich listed on our website.

These range from affordable ADSL deals through to the aforementioned gigabit coverage, though obviously lightning-fast connectivity may not be necessary in your household.

We’ve recently outlined ways to cushion yourself against broadband price rises, and a key tip is to only commit to the level of connectivity you actually require.

Our in-depth guide to assessing your optimal broadband speed may also help in this regard.

We include initial setup costs (which some ISPs will waive) alongside monthly and total annual charges in our deals directory, giving you full oversight of what you’ll actually pay.

Do broadband deals in Norwich vary around the city?

Access to high-speed broadband deals in Norwich will depend on which local exchange your home connects to.

If speed isn’t a priority, most residents of Norwich will be able to take advantage of competitively-priced deals from over a dozen different ISPs.

There are industry big-hitters like BT and Virgin Media, alongside well-known broadband providers (Sky, Plusnet) and more niche market entrants (Direct Save Telecom, iTalk).

Narrow down your choices by choosing between rolling or fixed-term contracts (from 12 to 24 months), and looking for extras like inclusive calls or antivirus computer protection.

You can also study individual ISP reviews, for more insight into how easy a particular company is to deal with.