Broadband deals in Belfast include some of the UK’s fastest connectivity, thanks to extensive investment in full fibre broadband

Broadband deals in Belfast

Residents of Belfast might not realise it, but they enjoy some of the UK’s best broadband services.

We recently reported that Belfast came second for fibre broadband availability in a national table of local council regions.

Only Hull, thanks to KCOM’s unique monopoly on infrastructure, managed to better Belfast’s figure of 89 per cent of homes with full fibre connectivity on their doorstep.

As a result of this extensive and impressive infrastructure, broadband deals in Belfast tend to be effortlessly rapid – more so than most consumers will ever need

Investigating broadband deals in Belfast

A resident of Carlisle Terrace (just north of the city centre) could find over 150 broadband deals available here on

The same is true for residents of Belmont’s Sydenham Avenue, Adelaide Park off the Lisburn Road, and countless other addresses throughout Northern Ireland’s capital.

The fastest connections on offer provide average data transfers at speeds reaching 1Gbps, which is far more than most consumers presently require.

Indeed, when hunting for the best broadband in Belfast, we’d urge consumers to start by considering whether they actually need lightning-fast connectivity.

You could end up paying a premium to achieve data transfer speeds which simply aren’t needed.

Future-proofed connectivity is occasionally beneficial, but broadband deals in Belfast may offer greater value if you adopt a slower Fibre to the Cabinet connection.

That’s an inefficient method of distributing data, but it can still achieve speeds of almost 70Mbps, or even higher in certain areas.

To put this figure in context, Netflix demands a minimum connection speed of just 5Mbps for 1080p HD streaming.

Which providers offer broadband deals in Belfast?

Most of the UK’s ISPs are well-established in Belfast.

Alongside big beasts like BT, Sky and TalkTalk, there are full-fibre firms like Virgin Media, plus an array of smaller companies – Direct Save Telecom, Shell Energy, Now Broadband, etc.

Use our search filters and then sort the resulting deals to determine which ISPs are best able to meet (and even surpass) your household’s requirements.