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Multi-gigabit broadband – is it on the horizon?

Multi-gigabit broadband might seem outlandish to people still reliant on ADSL connections, but achievable data transfer speeds are increasing all the time.

Multi-gigabit broadband – is it on the horizon?Multi-gigabit broadband – is it on the horizon? Read more

Is quantum computing about to change the world?

Quantum computing potential extends beyond simply processing things faster, offering scope to create entire new consumer services and product offerings

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Comparing the UK’s best streaming services in 2021

The UK's best homegrown streaming platforms offer a variety of content for all audience demographics, but competition – and choice – is growing

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Free speech online: For & Against

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Most complained about Broadband providers revealed

Ofcom complaints about ISPs rose last year as we became more reliant on internet connectivity than ever before

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Is it time to introduce broadband labelling?

The concept of broadband labelling could simplify the market, bringing regulation similar to other consumer products to internet access

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How many ISPs does the UK need to be truly competitive?

We consider whether there’s a minimum number of broadband providers necessary to ensure a competitive broadband market in the UK.

How many ISPs does the UK need to be truly competitive?How many ISPs does the UK need to be truly competitive? Read more

BritBox is 4 years old – has it been a success?

The launch of BritBox heralded a domestic rival to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, but a lack of accessibility is hindering take-up

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Tri-band routers to banish patchy wifi

Despite improvements, broadband routers continue to struggle with whole-home coverage – but tri-band routers could be the solution

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Why have so many Google projects and products failed?

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The rise of the micro-broadband companies

The established order of major ISPs is increasingly being challenged by micro-broadband companies with their own infrastructure and hardware

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Building Digital UK is the most important Government body you’ve never heard of

It might not be a name you’re familiar with, but its impact on all our lives is going to be significant.

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Why domotics will transform our lives, homes and cities

Domotics is set to make the home of 2040 feel very different from the home of 2021, as automation evolves into every aspect of our lives

Why domotics will transform our lives, homes and citiesWhy domotics will transform our lives, homes and cities Read more

Switching Broadband is about to get a lot easier

Ofcom is considering ways to make the process of switching broadband provider even easier – potentially with a single mouse-click

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Lockdown one year on – the mental depletion of online living

Mental depletion is becoming an increasingly well-recognised phenomenon, with the internet simultaneously helping and hindering efforts to recharge

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How broadband became the UK’s most common argument

Bust-ups over the internet have intensified during a year of lockdowns and unprecedented restrictions on personal freedom.

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The best British crime dramas streaming now

As Line of Duty returns, we look at the best British crime dramas on streaming platforms here in the UK

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TV licence to be scrapped after superfast broadband?

The battle between TV and internet might finally have a winner.

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What the cancellation of Google’s Project Loon means for broadband

Google's Project Loon was a brave – if ultimately doomed – attempt to show how broadband can be distributed from the skies

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TalkTalk creates jobs for young people affected by pandemic.

Major ISP has pledged to create 50 jobs to help young people.

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What’s gone wrong with the Scottish Government’s R100 broadband scheme?

The Scottish Government's R100 broadband scheme promised to transform Scotland’s internet access, but this flagship manifesto pledge hasn’t been met

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Why EHF bands could revolutionise wireless data transfers

EHF bands are the secret weapon underpinning the future of wireless communications, as our homes become ever more reliant on connectivity

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The future of homes is automation

Future smart homes are likely to adopt ever-increasing amounts of automation to simplify our lives – when the technology works, at least

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The Broadband providers most likely to make you complain in 2021

ISP complaints in 2020 were more likely to be made about some companies than others. What does the available data tell us about likely trends in 2021?

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The best podcast sites for 2021

With so much online content to choose from nowadays, finding the best podcast sites can be difficult if you don’t know where to look

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Brits don’t trust small Broadband ISPs, but why?

Are Brits too scared to shop around for a better broadband deal?

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The best streaming content in 2021 to watch out for

After enjoying some outstanding box sets in 2020, it’s time to consider what streaming content in 2021 might look like.

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Why BT is turning its back on the landlines it used to champion

The end of landlines has been predicted many times before, but even BT is now turning its back on traditional telephone lines

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What’s it like living without the internet?

It’s hard to imagine living without the internet, yet millions of people across the UK have no day-to-day exposure to the virtual world

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