Broadband deals in Leeds: bringing high-speed connectivity to homes from Horsforth to Garforth

Broadband deals in Leeds

Named after the fast-flowing nature of the River Aire, it’s fitting that Leeds is also home to many of Yorkshire’s fastest internet connections.

This vibrant city has undergone extensive redevelopment over the last twenty years, which has resulted in many of its urban districts benefiting from ultrafast broadband connections.

We recently explained why city centres (and new-build developments in particular) often enjoy the fastest internet speeds in any metropolitan area.

However, broadband deals in Leeds extend far beyond the urban core, with homes in the affluent commuter village of Garforth enjoying gigabit connectivity courtesy of Virgin Media.

So which ISPs are currently offering broadband deals in Leeds? And what should you consider before signing on the dotted line?

A wealth of deals

Running a broadband search on this site for a mid-terraced villa in Harehills reveals hundreds of deals, supplied by most of the UK’s big ISPs.

You won’t find KCOM broadband deals in Leeds, since KCOM is exclusively responsible for connectivity across Humberside.

However, you will be able to choose from the likes of Sky, TalkTalk, EE and of course BT.

We say ‘of course’, because as the former UK telecommunications monopoly holder, BT enjoys almost universal internet coverage.

Nonetheless, they access the same Openreach network as most other ISPs currently offering broadband deals in Leeds and surrounding areas.

Only a handful of companies (including the aforementioned Virgin Media, Hyperoptic and Gigaclear) have opted to distribute digital data along their own full fibre broadband networks.

A high fibre diet

If high-speed connectivity is desirable for either work or leisure purposes, it’s worth checking whether full fibre is available in your particular LS postcode.

For everyone else, higher-end Fibre to the Cabinet connections should prove sufficient. These offer connection speeds of around 67Mbps on average.

That’s more than enough to support most online activities, unless several family members want to stream 4K video simultaneously on separate devices.

If you’re unclear about the meaning of these terms, check out our guide to ‘superfast’ and ‘ultrafast’ broadband speeds.

Suffice it to say full fibre represents the fastest (and usually the most reliable) form of home broadband, making it a great choice in terms of broadband deals in Leeds.