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Why is it hard to get new cable services in established areas?

Millions of consumers would benefit from the faster internet speeds offered by cable services, yet these are often unavailable, even in urban areas

Why is it hard to get new cable services in established areas?Why is it hard to get new cable services in established areas? Read more

What are domain names, and how do I buy one?

Buying domain names might seem intimidating, but it’s actually a straightforward way of reserving a corner of the internet

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When is the UK broadband network busiest?

The UK broadband network busiest periods often occur when we’d most like to be online ourselves, but forward planning can reduce the frustration of slow connections

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Four ways to stay online during a WiFi outage

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Ten tips for effective inbox management

Effective inbox management is important whether you’re running a business, working from home or simply trying to keep on top of personal messages

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Ten little-known Windows 10 shortcuts

Windows 10 shortcuts have been created to make people’s lives easier, yet they’re rarely remembered or used by the public

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How to take a website global

There are many reasons why you might want to take a website global, introducing its contents to new audiences and translating it into different languages

How to take a website globalHow to take a website global Read more

Tips for simplifying working from home

Anything which helps in terms of simplifying working from home should be adopted as a matter of priority, to improve efficiency and practicality

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Dismantling and packaging home electronics for a house move

Packaging home electronics properly minimises the risk of damage occurring during transit – keeping them safe and secure during a house move

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Staying safe while using public WiFi networks

Public WiFi network security is a major concern, which can be alleviated using a number of common-sense and technological solutions

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The differences between CPUs and GPUs

Despite widespread confusion about the differences between CPUs and GPUs, these two processor units perform very different tasks

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Satellite Broadband – Data from the Skies

If you live beyond the reach of cable services, satellite broadband may represent your best chance of a decent internet connection.

Satellite Broadband – Data from the SkiesSatellite Broadband – Data from the Skies Read more

Tips for overcoming Zoom anxiety

With more of our careers spent in video conferencing than ever before, overcoming Zoom anxiety is vital to productivity and performance

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Ten tips for identifying spam emails

Identifying spam emails can be invaluable for avoiding malware and spyware, providing added protection to personal and professional inboxes alike

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Website building platforms for new businesses

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How to choose a music streaming service

There are various factors to consider when trying to choose a music streaming service, from pricing to genre coverage

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Ways to get broadband without a credit check

There are various reasons why you might want to get broadband without a credit check – we explain how to go about it

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How do you deliver broadband to an island?

Broadband in island communities can be a hit-and-miss affair, not helped by the UK’s awkward geography and topology

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The UK’s best cities for working from home

New evidence has revealed the best cities for working from home or setting up a new business, including some surprising candidates

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Ten ways to improve SEO on a personal or company website

There are lots of quick and easy ways to improve SEO on a business or personal website – we list ten steps everyone can (and should) undertake

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How do docking stations work?

Docking stations combine the portability of a laptop with the practicality of a desktop computer

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Ten quick ways to boost PC performance

There are plenty of ways to boost PC performance, extending the lifespan and improving the practicality of these essential machines

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Five tips for keeping children safe online

With so much of our lives dependent on internet access, keeping children safe online is more important than ever

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A brief history of the PC

Having been elevated to essential-purchase status by the internet, the history of the PC is as fascinating as the machine itself is mundane

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How to share limited broadband bandwidth

There are many ways to maximise the practicality of limited broadband bandwidth, reducing stress and frustration among people living together

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You need a password manager to keep you safe online

LastPass isn’t the only password manager out there.

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How can you tell if you’re overpaying for broadband?

It’s often difficult to identify if you’re overpaying for broadband, but studying both your bill and your typical usage can provide useful pointers

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Five things to do with an old PC

There are many things to do with an old PC, from dismantling and destroying it to refurbishing or restoring it to factory settings

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Do all new homes come with full fibre broadband as standard?

An increasing number of new homes come with full fibre broadband, but it’s not something you can take for granted

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