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What you need to know about Phishing

What you need to know about ‘Phishing’

On: Monday, 23 April, 2018
As online security has improved and modern devices incorporate greater protection against cybercrime, criminals are becoming more cunning. One of the leading methods of online fraud now involves persuading people to voluntarily surrender th...
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Free Wifi Spots and where to find them

Free WiFi hotspots and where to find them

On: Friday, 20 April, 2018
Given the UK’s patchy 4G mobile network, free WiFi hotspots remain hugely important for communicating on the move. From bars and benches to trains and trams, WiFi networks are more prevalent than you might assume. These are some of the pl...
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How to download YouTube videos

How to download YouTube videos

On: Wednesday, 18 April, 2018
It is a given that YouTube is one of the great successes of the internet age. The figures are quite staggering. Almost one-third of all people on the internet use YouTube. it would take you 60,000 years to watch each and every video and 300...
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How to save Data by Turning Off Auto Updates

How to save data by turning off auto-updates

On: Thursday, 12 April, 2018
Automatic updates can be a significant drain on a domestic broadband account. They might occur at inopportune moments, taking bandwidth away from streaming services or other data-intensive activities. Updates can also be troublesome for peo...
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How to delete Facebook 1

How to delete Facebook

On: Tuesday, 3 April, 2018
Have you been told you need to delete Facebook? Are you wondering why? Facebook is under severe pressure from users after a data breach scandal became the biggest tech story of the year. We know the social media giant allowed unregistered ...
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Don’t be scammed, how to spot a fake website 1

Don’t get scammed: How to spot a fake website

On: Wednesday, 28 March, 2018
One of the unfortunate outcomes of living our lives online is how often people are taken in by failing to spot a fake website. Even for hardened internet users, fakes are difficult to distinguish from genuine sites they can cost you not onl...
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