Broadband in Sheffield: take advantage of the Steel City’s ultra-fast fibre broadband, alongside an array of affordable deals

Broadband deals in Sheffield

Sheffield has long revelled in its vibrancy, with over 60,000 students and a thriving music scene that’s produced some of the modern era’s biggest rock and metal bands.

Such a youthful and dynamic city needs internet connectivity to match, and few places in Yorkshire can better Sheffield’s broadband network.

With hundreds of broadband deals in Sheffield listed here, and most of the big ISPs serving the city, it’s easy to get connected whether you live in Ecclesfield or Eckington.

Choosing broadband deals in Sheffield

Residents of Sheffield’s iconic Park Hill development don’t just live in a piece of evolving history – they can access some of the UK’s fastest internet speeds as well.

Connections of up to 1Gbps are available here, with firms including Hyperoptic, BT, EE and Shell promising an average download speed of 900Mbps to residents and tenants alike.

When you consider the average connection speed across the UK presently stands at just 51Mbps, that’s a truly impressive offering.

In common with a number of other major cities across the UK, Sheffield has seen extensive installation of full fibre broadband infrastructure, especially in peripheral new-build estates.

You’ll get equally fast speeds in the Aston new-build estates bordering the A57, for instance.

Do I need high-speed connectivity?

It shouldn’t be assumed that broadband deals in Sheffield are solely or exclusively gigabit-ready. Residents of both these locations can also sign up to 11Mbps ADSL connections.

For reasons we’ve explained elsewhere, high-speed connectivity might be unnecessary in your household.

If you live alone and aren’t a fan of the kind of computer games which require a dedicated gaming PC, you might find a cheaper broadband deal perfectly adequate.

This line speed will support surfing and browsing, standard definition streaming and social media activities, and even routine file uploads – providing you schedule cloud backups to take place overnight.

Because ADSL and Fibre to the Cabinet connections (offering average download speeds of 35 to 65Mbps) are delivered via phone lines, most homes can access these services.

ADSL and FTTC contracts are far more affordable than full fibre broadband offers, with a wider array of suppliers providing them.