Broadband deals in Aberdeen: from cheap and cheerful ADSL to rapid full-fibre broadband

Broadband deals in Aberdeen

It’s fair to say Aberdeen has always operated a little differently to the rest of Scotland.

House prices are effectively uncoupled from national trends by the vagaries of the oil industry, while Aberdeen’s historic wealth has long differentiated it from the Central Belt.

A similar disconnect is evident in the availability of high-speed internet services, with many broadband deals in Aberdeen encompassing speeds other parts of Scotland can only dream of.

Read on to find out which companies are currently active across the Granite City…

The full list of broadband deals in Aberdeen

As of 2024, our site lists around 300 broadband deals in Aberdeen to residents of the Torry suburb, including an array of 900Mbps full-fibre services with the likes of EE, BT and Vodafone.

Similar speeds are accessible in the exclusive enclave of Midstocket, and as far out as Bridge of Don, reflecting the proliferation of ultra-fast fibre broadband deals in Aberdeen.

There are great deals from over a dozen ISPs across Aberdeen, including big-hitters like Virgin Media and BT, plus smaller firms including Shell Energy and NOW Broadband.

As well as being a familiar name around these parts, Shell recently bought over Post Office Broadband, to expand both their reach and their existing customer base.

There are competitive deals by Sky and TalkTalk, Plusnet and Direct Save, across a variety of line speeds from ADSL to full fibre.

Choosing the deal to suit your needs

With line speeds are approaching gigabit levels, consider what you’ll actually need your internet connection to do to avoid overpaying for unnecessarily fast connectivity.

If you’re a serious gaming fan with the latest computing hardware, you might actually benefit from a 900Mbps connection.

The same will be true in larger households where several people could be trying to stream HD content simultaneously, or where everyone is glued to their phones all day.

For light users who download the odd iPlayer program and do a bit of work, a Fibre to the Cabinet connection of up to 65Mbps ought to suffice.

The best broadband deals in Aberdeen are as competitively priced as elsewhere in Scotland, so there’s no need to pay an unnecessary premium for superfluous speed or services.