Is italk broadband any good?

We have reviews and ratings from 3 verified customers of italk broadband.

We surveyed new customers 60 to 120 days after switching to italk - here's what they told us:

  • At the start there were problems - the live date was supposed to be on the Wednesday but ended up being on Saturday. Sometimes slips out of signal. We have dealt with some nice customer service people, but the package we got to start with had to be down graded as the speed was not good enough. However, overall I am happy.

    Overall Satisfaction: 6/10

  • I switched to italk for a cheaper deal and more reliability. They seem to be a decent firm. Easy to contact and they help you when needed.

    Overall Satisfaction: 8/10

  • Fast delivery for the router but then needed a microfilter to connect to it which took a week but then always kept losing connection. Took multiple engineer visits to resolve.

    Overall Satisfaction: 6/10

On average, people switching to italk saved around £29.67 per month, and rated their italk broadband 6.7/10.

New customers told us that they waited around less than 2 weeks between ordering and getting set up with italk.

To read more about what customers think of italk's broadband deals, check out our italk reviews page for more reviews and in-depth ratings data.

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