What Free Gifts Can I Get?

Broadband providers are keen to sign you up to a new contract and often happy to add an extra reward to sweeten the deal.

Gift Vouchers

Most gift vouchers are digital these days, which means you’ll receive a code via email to use on the retailer’s website. You can sometimes choose between several brands, but vouchers are normally exclusive to one company, such as Amazon or Marks and Spencer. You might need to claim your voucher after your broadband is installed – check the terms of the offer.

Make sure you use the voucher in time – there’s normally a limit, such as 90 days or 6 months.

Gift Cards

Some offers include gift cards which carry a pre-paid balance and can be used online like a debit or credit card. They aren’t linked to bank accounts and there’s no danger of spending more than is loaded on the card. This gives you much more choice on where to spend your reward. Again, check for any time limits or restrictions on use.

Bill Credit

Providers can offer free bill credits as promotional gifts. The terms should tell you when the credit is applied – it may not be in the first month! Bill credit is more like getting a straightforward discount, especially if there’s no need to remember to claim it.

Other Rewards

Broadband can come with all sorts of free gifts – antivirus software, smart speakers, we’ve even seen TVs and laptops offered before! However, the value of the gift is always linked to the price you’re paying for your broadband, so make sure you’re happy with the deal you’re getting first. Be careful of spending more than you need to for a free gift – the costs will add up in the long run.

How to Claim Free Gifts

Make sure you always check the small print – if you miss something, you might not be eligible for your reward.

Some rewards come directly from the provider and you don’t need to do anything – they’ll be sent out or applied to your account automatically.

For most gift cards and vouchers, you’ll need to sign up for the reward with your email address, and then you will get an email when it’s time to claim. No email? Get in touch with the provider or the website where you saw the deal. Sometimes problems with tracking can happen, and you may need to confirm your details for the provider to check.