Broadband deals in Edinburgh: from Openreach-powered connectivity to full-fibre broadband.

Broadband deals in Edinburgh

For such a historic city, Edinburgh has incorporated modern telecomms infrastructure with surprising effectiveness.

Even if you live on the medieval Canongate, Fibre broadband connectivity is on your doorstep.

Residents of the affluent Ravelston suburb can choose from over 400 broadband offers, including full-fibre services and Openreach-powered connections via the Donaldson exchange.

And by the time you reach Granton’s modern apartment blocks, gigabit providers like Hyperoptic are taking orders for future-proof broadband deals in Edinburgh.

It’s not just the trams which will be extending connectivity to this northern corner of Edinburgh. And in the meantime, the wider city offers impressive broadband – and affordable deals, too.

Capital appreciation

Despite ongoing issues with the Scottish Government’s universal broadband pledge, Edinburgh benefits from impressive connectivity.

The tenemental nature of many older properties has made installing high-speed connectivity more cost-efficient than it would be in areas of suburban bungalows or villas.

More modern estates make for easy preinstallation of fibre-optic cables. This should benefit the future residents of growth areas like Edinburgh Park, as well as benefiting outlying residents of the three surrounding Lothian council regions.

Which providers offer broadband deals in Edinburgh? features broadband deals in Edinburgh from all the leading broadband providers, including BT, Sky, Plusnet and Vodafone.

Full-fibre services are inevitably more sporadic, though Virgin Media’s cable service is active in parts of the city. Additionally some Fibre-to-the-cabinet providers offer enhanced speeds such as TalkTalk’s G.Fast in some areas.

Given the high house prices across Edinburgh, it’s a relief to know that affordable broadband coverage extends throughout the City Bypass’s inner boundaries.

There’s also good connectivity in outlying districts like Musselburgh and Wallyford, which lie outside the City of Edinburgh despite forming part of the wider metropolitan area.

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