Broadband in Manchester: understand what you need from domestic internet connectivity

Broadband deals in Manchester

Search for a typical Manchester postcode on this website, and you’re likely to find several hundred deals listed.

Of the 18 leading ISPs whose products are included in our searches, you can expect to see the vast majority serving areas like the Trafford exchange.

Some cable firms aren’t active across the North’s most vibrant city (apologies to residents of Leeds, who can click here [insert link once Leeds page is live] for broadband options in their own city.)

You won’t find the likes of Virgin Media in every corner of Manchester, while upstart full fibre companies like Hyperoptic and Gigaclear have very limited coverage.

Otherwise, there’s a huge array of broadband deals in Manchester to choose from…

The ISPs offering broadband deals in Manchester

While the population of Manchester hovers just above the half a million mark, this is merely the epicentre of a far larger metropolitan area.

For the purposes of this article, however, we’re focusing on homes within the city council’s boundaries, rather than in neighbouring Salford or Stockport.

Whether you’ve got a bungalow in Burnage, a duplex in Didsbury or a house in Hulme, you’ll be able to benefit from connectivity across the Openreach network.

We explained last December how Openreach govern telephone-based connections into residential homes.

That means almost any ADSL or Fibre to the Cabinet connections will be available from a variety of ISPs, even if there’s no full fibre cable infrastructure in your particular postcode.

City centre residents are more likely than most to have full fibre at their door, as discussed in this guide to the UK’s spotty fibre broadband network.

Finding the best broadband deals in Manchester

Before investigating broadband deals in Manchester, consider whether your domestic circumstances are likely to change over the next 18 months.

This is the typical length of a broadband contract nowadays, honourably excepting rolling 30-day deals.

Students, short-term contract workers and anyone planning a house move would be well advised to weigh up whether being locked into a long-term contract is the most cost-effective solution.

If it is, you can explore broadband deals in Manchester by monthly or aggregated first-year cost, by line speed, or by the standard of customer reviews they’ve received.