Is Plusnet broadband any good?

We have reviews and ratings from 80 verified customers of Plusnet broadband.

We surveyed new customers 60 to 120 days after switching to Plusnet - here's what they told us:

  • The switch wasn't easy - had a little issue which was their fault as they hadn't spoken to the other internet supplier.

    Overall Satisfaction: 5/10

  • I found it much better value than than my old provider. Saving money, and the service is great. Thank you.

    Overall Satisfaction: 10/10

  • Switch went well. Service ranges from good to slow. Would be good value for money if speeds more reliable, but overall happy.

    Overall Satisfaction: 7/10

On average, people switching to Plusnet saved around £6.89 per month, and rated their Plusnet broadband 8.6/10.

New customers told us that they waited around less than 2 weeks between ordering and getting set up with Plusnet.

To read more about what customers think of Plusnet's broadband deals, check out our Plusnet reviews page for 77 more reviews and in-depth ratings data.

Everything you need to know about Plusnet

Originally an independent broadband provider based in Sheffield, Plusnet were bought out by BT in 2007. They still run as an independent company and continue to rely on their Yorkshire brand.

Most Plusnet deals tend towards the cheaper end of the market, focusing on value and simple pricing rather than all the bells and whistles.

All home broadband deals come with unlimited usage. Some traffic management may take place on your Plusnet connection – see which providers do this, and how it could affect you, here.

Broadband is available on 12 and 18 month contracts or for more flexibility, on a 30-day rolling contract.

Plusnet is one of the only providers to offer these shorter broadband contracts.

What can you get with Plusnet?

ADSL broadband

Plusnet offers unlimited ADSL broadband at maximum speeds of 17Mbps.


Yes. Calls packages are available. You can get Line Rental only, which gives you a phone line but no calls bundled in, or you can add Evening and Weekends or Anytime Calls for £5.71 a month or £10.28 a month respectively.


Existing Plusnet SIM Only customers can get a discount if they’re also with Plusnet for home broadband too. See Plusnet 4G SIM Only deals on our sister site

It is aimed at the value end of the market with cheap data complete with excellent call coverage throughout the UK.

Plusnet uses the EE network so you know you’ll be getting the fastest data speeds.

Fibre broadband

Plusnet offer two FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) broadband options: Unlimited Fibre at 36Mbps and Unlimited Fibre Extra at 66Mbps.

In August 2022 Plusnet launched three Full Fibre or FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) products at 74Mbps, 145Mbps and 500Mbps. These deals are available on 24 month contracts and come without a landline.


Why choose Plusnet?

Plusnet has some of the best-value broadband packages with decent cost-benefit ratio. Customer service is well-rated.

Not sure if Plusnet is right for you? Have a look at what else you could get with our best broadband deals and compare before you order.