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We have 3 reviews and ratings from verified customers of italk broadband.

Customers were surveyed 60 to 120 days after switching to italk - and we asked them to rate every aspect of their new provider.

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I switched to italk for a cheaper deal and more reliability. They seem to be a decent firm. Easy to contact and they help you when needed.

Overall Satisfaction: 8/10

At the start there were problems - the live date was supposed to be on the Wednesday but ended up being on Saturday. Sometimes slips out of signal. We have dealt with some nice customer service people, but the package we got to start with had to be down graded as the speed was not good enough. However, overall I am happy.

Overall Satisfaction: 6/10

Fast delivery for the router but then needed a microfilter to connect to it which took a week but then always kept losing connection. Took multiple engineer visits to resolve.

Overall Satisfaction: 6/10


Avg. 6.7/10

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italk Reviews & Ratings

We've surveyed 3 verified customers who recently switched to italk broadband. Here's what they told us:

Satisfaction and Value for Money

  • The customers we asked said they saved on average £29.67 per month by switching to italk broadband.
  • Users gave italk 6.7/10 for overall satisfaction, and rated them 7.3/10 on value for money.
  • When asked why they chose italk broadband, 67% said that they offered the most cost effective deal at the time.
  • Other reasons customers cited were: vouchers or reward offers (33%).

Switching and Initial Set-Up

  • On average, the customers we surveyed gave italk a rating of 9/10 for handling their broadband switch.
  • Most customers reported that it took less than 2 weeks from placing an order with italk until their new broadband was up and running.
  • 67% of new italk users had to have a new phone line or cable installed.
  • To get set up, 33% required a home visit from an engineer, with 33% needing repeat visits.
  • 0% of customers surveyed told us they needed a router upgrade and 0% required additional wifi signal boosters.

Broadband Speed & Reliability

  • For broadband speed, customers rated italk 6/10 on average.
  • Users gave them 5.7/10 for the reliability of their broadband connection.
  • 67% of people experienced issues with intermittent downtime, with 33% saying their broadband was down persistently.
  • 0% of respondents told us they had a slow connection at least some of the time.
  • 0% said they had a poor wifi signal in some parts of their home.

All our reviews come from verified customers who have switched with us - we confirm every order. If you'd like to earn a free reward voucher for your unbiased review, check out broadband deals with free gifts.

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