Everything you need to know about O2

O2 is a household name in the UK as one of the Big Four mobile network operators. They are owned by Spanish multinational Telefónica.

O2 is the second-biggest mobile network in the UK with over 25 million subscribers.

They sell mobile phones, contracts, SIM Only plans and mobile broadband.

What can you get with O2?

O2’s mobile broadband gives you the fastest 4G on the market with speeds promised up to 67Mbps.

Compare that to the average of just 20Mbps 4G offered elsewhere and you can see why O2’s mobile broadband is among the best sellers on the market.

O2 also has the widest range of mobile broadband plans with several options at 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 15GB, 25GB and 40GB a month. All are on 24 month contracts.

O2 have two main pieces of hardware in their mobile broadband offering.

There’s the Huawei Balong B711 4G Dongle, which is about the size of a standard USB stick, and then there’s the Huawei Pocket Hotspot and Hotspot Plus.

For the larger data offerings around 40GB a month you can also get these as just an O2 SIM with no extra hardware.

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