Broadband in Coventry: a huge range of speeds and prices, with strong connectivity throughout.

Broadband deals in Coventry

Despite once serving as England’s capital, Coventry has often flown under the national radar.

Yet for the students attending its three universities, or the residents of its leafy outer suburbs, England’s ninth-largest city (and last year’s UK City of Culture) is simply home.

It’s a home with some impressive broadband deals, too, courtesy of extensive infrastructure investment and ground-up regeneration schemes like Friargate.

The best broadband deals in Coventry

From Allesley to Binley via Cheylesmore and Daimler Green, full fibre broadband is available almost as a matter of routine.

Of these areas, only Allesley residents are unable to access gigabit connectivity – their line speeds are restricted to a still impressive 500Mbps.

Even so, with Netflix requesting only 5Mbps to deliver reliable 1080p HD streaming content, it’s hard to envisage a scenario where a 500Mbps broadband service would be inadequate.

Plus, as we’ve previously explained, full fibre connections tend to be symmetrical, delivering blistering upload speeds compared to slower ISDN or Fibre to the Cabinet services.

One of the significant benefits of adopting a lightning-fast home broadband connection is to maximise the practicality of online gaming, which comes with be bandwidth-hogging downloads.

Who offers the best broadband in Coventry?

Enter any Coventry postcode into our address checker, and a familiar array of ISP logos will appear within seconds.

Broadband deals in Coventry are routinely offered by one-time industry monopoly holder BT, former cable monopoly holder Virgin Media, and a variety of smaller ISPs.

These include Plusnet and TalkTalk, alongside companies whose brands are better known for services outside consumer broadband provision, such as NOW Broadband and Shell Energy.

NOW has very close ties to its cousin Sky Broadband, while Shell Energy has recently acquired Post Office Broadband.

Households seeking broadband deals in Coventry would be well-advised to consider all of these firms, unless there are specific reasons for shying away from a particular provider.

You might be reluctant to trust an ISP whose customer service is often below par, or one whose customers direct an unusually high number of complaints to Ofcom.

Even so, you’re bound to find a competitive deal on this site – whether you’re prioritising line speed, monthly cost, customer satisfaction or a different metric.