Broadband offers with Landline and Telly:
To bundle, or not to bundle?

Are you always on the phone? Like a nice boxset binge in the evening?

If so, you should think about bundling up for the best value deals. By getting your broadband service, landline and a television package all with the same provider, you can lower your bills and save a lot of hassle!

Keep it simple:
Broadband Only Deals

If you only ever use your mobile and haven’t watched live TV since 2009, you don’t need anything else.

The cheapest deals are always going to be for broadband only.

If you’re on a tight budget, switching to a basic deal could save you a bundle.

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Talk for hours?
Broadband + Phone Bundles

If you like a nice natter without worrying about the cost, it’s worth getting a calls package included.

Almost all broadband deals include a landline anyway, and it’s often only a few pounds extra per month.

Most providers offer evening & weekend or anytime calls – but make sure you check what’s included as some don’t cover mobiles.

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Entertain your eyeballs!
Broadband + TV Bundles

If the the Disney channel gets you an extra hour in bed on a Saturday morning, it has to be worth it.

Need live sport? You could be looking at a fairly pricey subscription, so it’s worth shopping around.

Plenty of channels are available from more than one provider – do you really need that dish?

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The whole shebang
Broadband + Phone + TV

You can always combine the lot into one big deal – it’s handy to keep it all on one bill, and going with one supplier generally offers the biggest savings.

Some providers will even give you discount sim cards as part of the package. Have a look at Virgin’s Oomph deals, or add one on to BT deals at checkout.

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The need for speed – how fast is fast enough?

We’ve moved on from screechy dial-up and waiting three days for the latest N-Sync single to download, but with more choice comes more difficult decisions.

These days most of us have several devices online at any one time – and we want our broadband to keep up.

That said, faster isn’t always better, especially if you’re on a budget. Choosing an offer with a lower-end speed could save you big bucks.

Before committing to a broadband deal, ask yourself: what broadband speed do i really need?

Are ‘Super/Ultra/Giga Fast’ broadband deals really worth it?

For lots of us, the answer is: maybe not. If you’re only using the internet to check your email, catch up on your fake news and look at pictures of cats, a bog-standard speed of 10 or 11 Mbps (Megabits per second) is just fine.

Assuming you’re the only one using it, you should normally be able to stream HD video (5-8Mbps) so you can keep your Netflix and chill. It’s certainly cheaper, and who doesn’t want to save a few quid? Just be warned, if you’re already used to fibre speeds, it can be a bit painful to go back.

photo of an ugly cat
10 Mbps is purrr-fect for me. Image: Captain Pancakes
photo of Hanson singing Mmmbop
35 MMMbops is enough for us. Image: William

Fed up with arguments over slow wifi?

If you’ve got a brood of data-hungry teenagers, they aren’t going to be happy with slow internet. They might not be happy with fast internet either, but what can you do?

Families and shared houses are likely to need fast fibre broadband offers to cope with all their devices because between phones, tablets, laptops, TVs and even smart fridges, it all adds up.

You’ll also need at least 25 Mbps to stream 4K video, though 50+ is recommended. Online gamers might want more – not so much for playing, but for downloading all those huge patches.

I need professional-grade broadband, and I need it yesterday.

If you’re working from home, you don’t want to be waiting around for downloads – the boss needs that TPS report, stat. Professional applications can be bandwidth-hungry.

Anyone who moves a lot of data around will benefit from upgrading to ultrafast, and large households will enjoy the increase too.

Plenty of us can get 60-80 Mbps through a phone line now – and if you’re in a Virgin cabled area, there are options all the way up to 350 Mbps for those who take speed seriously.

photo of a professional using ultrafast broadband
Professionals probably want 60 Mbps+
photo of a fast-moving train
Gigabit (1000+ Mbps) speeds are coming!

Gigabit Broadband: for when ultrafast just isn’t fast enough.

We’re not really sure what anyone is going to do with 500 Mbps or more – but we used to say that about 50 Mbps!

Whatever it is, you’ll be able to do it really, really fast with 100% fibre optic broadband – eventually.

For now, these speeds are only available to a lucky few. However, there’s big money being pumped into the roll-out of full-fibre, so who knows? It may just arrive sooner than you think.

Connection types: Are you getting enough Fibre?


adsl cables are made of copper wire

The most affordable broadband offers usually come with basic, standard broadband which comes through copper wires.

If you’re not lucky enough to be in a fibre or cable area, it could be all you can get – for now. You can check when fibre is coming to your area through Openreach.

Average speeds are around 10 Mbps, but if you’re a long way from the exchange your actual speed could be much lower.


fttc broadband combines copper and fibre optic cables

Most ‘fibre’ customers still get their internet through the copper phone line connected to a green cabinet in the street.

Providers have focused on upgrading the connections between the exchange and the cabinet with shiny new fibre optic cable.

Speeds can be anywhere from 20 to 80 Mbps. It’s been a long time coming, but Fibre broadband deals are now available to 94% of homes and businesses.


virgin media broadband uses co-axial cables

We include this in results for fibre deals because it’s practically the same thing, but technically Virgin Media customers get their internet through a Co-Ax cable.

There is still plenty of fibre-optic cabling involved, and they call it fibre – probably to keep things simple.

Speeds go from about 50 to 350 Mbps+, but it’s only available to around 60% of households.


FTTP broadband uses optical fibres straight to your home

For most of us, this is the broadband of the future – because only about 6% of UK households can get it.

However, if they’ve wired your street up, it’s hands-down the best connection there is. A man called Boris has promised to spend £30bn on it.

You can get cheap deals from 30 Mbps, but Full-Fibre is really for the very highest speeds – over 1,000 Mbps is possible.

The postcode lottery: what broadband can you actually get in your area?

Broadband availability depends on where you are – and it can really make a big difference. Your neighbour a street away may have blazing fast full-fibre wifi, while you’re still crawling along on old-fashioned ADSL. It’s not fair, but until the powers that be decide to install more cables, you could be stuck in the slow lane.

Luckily does the hard work for you. We’ll check your local exchange to see what technology is available, work out how far away you are, and see which ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are able to help. We cover more broadband offers than any other comparison site, so your chances are pretty good.

Just pop your postcode in the box and we’ll check what you can get:

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Our supercharged database will hunt down all the available broadband offers on your street. Then one click takes you straight to the provider’s website to get set up.

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Which providers can I get broadband from?

At, we work with a wide range of UK Internet Service Providers to bring you more deals than any other broadband comparison site.

Triple-play bundles

For those who want everything, we have offers on broadband, home phone and TV from the big players like BT, Sky and Virgin.

Low cost broadband deals

We also have a huge choice of deals on cheap broadband from budget providers like TalkTalk, Direct Save and Onestream.

Full fibre deals

And if speed is what you need, get the fastest full-fibre broadband from newcomers like Gigaclear and Hyperoptic.

Broadband deals for bad credit

Most broadband providers will carry our a credit check when you sign up. If that strikes fear in your heart, don’t panic – you have options. We know all about getting broadband without a credit check, and we’re here to help.

How do I find out what’s included with all these broadband deals?

We’ve already found out everything there is to know about the internet offers listed on After entering your postcode, you’ll see a full list of the deals available in your area, and each deal can be expanded by clicking the ‘more info’ button.

How much does it really cost?

You can see a comprehensive breakdown of all the costs involved in the ‘more info’ section of each of our broadband offers.

We show you both up-front and monthly fees, including line-rental. You can even compare deals based on the cost of a full year of service, which can offer a more accurate idea of the price differences.

Our ‘Bottom Line’ let’s you know exactly how much you’ll pay, and for how long, so you can choose a broadband deal with confidence.

But cost isn’t all there is to a broadband service…

Let’s talk hardware – what about the wifi?

We know you need the full picture before choosing a broadband provider, so we include detailed information on the wifi router that comes with each deal. The router can make a big difference to the broadband speed you can achieve, so it’s worth looking into.

All providers include a free router, but they’re not always the best quality. If you need lightning-fast gigabit wifi, then you may want to factor in the cost of an upgraded router.

More more more… That’s how we like it at

We’re firm believers that you can never have too much information when making a decision on how to spend your hard-earned cash.

If you want to see bundles that include TV, then we have you covered with a full channel list. If you’re a home phone user, then we can show you the exact call charges with each broadband and calls bundle.

Our broadband comparison tool has loads of handy filters, meaning you can really narrow things down. So, if you’re looking for a unlimited fibre broadband that also includes a subscription to the Disney Channel and unlimited landline calls – there’s a filter for that!

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