Broadband deals in Nottingham: a huge variety of options, with a great deal for everyone

Broadband deals in Nottingham

Finding a good broadband deal involves more than simply opting for the lowest monthly price, even at a time of rising inflation and shrinking disposable incomes.

If you’re a resident of Nottingham, for instance, it also involves checking availability and line speeds.

Many parts of the city are still struggling with outmoded ADSL or part-fibre connections – and not necessarily where you’d expect, either.

Residents of The Park’s affluent avenues will find over 200 different options on – but many of them are decidedly slow.

Which ISPs offer broadband deals in Nottingham?

While the likes of Shell and Vodafone offer 36Mbps connections, and NOW Broadband promise average line speeds of 63Mbps, John Lewis and DirectSave offer just 10/11Mbps.

Nor is this a phenomenon exclusive to traditional inner suburbs. Similar packages (and line speeds) are offered to residents of Bestwood Village along Nottingham’s northern edge.

The best median speed you can expect even from a full fibre provider is 167 Mbps, though this is four times higher than the city’s median broadband speed, according to the Fair Internet Report.

It’s worth noting that while Nottingham has the second-best fibre access of the East Midlands cities, it’s in the UK’s bottom 50 cities overall.

Choosing the best broadband deal in Nottingham

Rapid connectivity clearly isn’t a given when considering Nottingham’s range of broadband deals, which means other factors will assume greater significance.

Foremost among these is customer service, and Which? recently outlined why a bigger ISP isn’t necessarily better in terms of either performance or consumer satisfaction.

Smaller or regional firms may not have national call centres and glossy advertising campaigns, but they’re often more passionate about getting things right.

And while full fibre firms like Hyperoptic and Gigaclear don’t currently market broadband deals in Nottingham, you can still give your custom to brands like italk, NOW and Plusnet.

The usual caveats apply. If you might be moving house soon, locking into a 24-month contract may be inadvisable, especially if it’d be impractical or difficult to port your deal.

Don’t be tempted by triple-play ‘freebies’ like inclusive landline calls or mobile SIM cards unless they’re genuinely useful – you’ll end up paying for them one way or another.

And as the Which? survey demonstrates, poor customer service can spoil even a superficially impressive package. Investigate ISP reviews and reputations before signing on the dotted line.