Use Black Friday & Cyber Monday to make more of your broadband

You might associate Black Friday with horrendously crowded high streets and a miserable dash to grab bargain in the pre-Christmas rush. But you probably don’t immediately think of adding new broadband to your shopping list.

But why not? In reality, this is the perfect time to upgrade your sluggish old broadband to a shiny new fibre line. Switch now and you could be up and running in time for Christmas and the inevitable new batch of devices all competing to get online.

What’s special about Black Friday broadband offers?

One of the best things about shopping for broadband around Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the glut of deal-sweeteners on offer.

Around this time of year competition is fierce to grab your attention, so many broadband providers load up their deals with extra incentives.


This year’s must-have item seems to be the Google hub range – bringing smart home assistance into your living room. With values upwards of £200, a giveaway like this represents a huge boost to the value of any deal – and there are a few providers giving them away for free.


While there’s usually one or two cashback or gift card giveaways on the market at any one time, this is really ramped up for the Christmas rush.

Many providers are offering black-friday specials loaded with cash, cards or amazon vouchers. With values as high as £100 on some deals, you could effectively get several months worth of free broadband. And let’s be honest – any extra dosh is handy this time of year!

Get a great broadband deal with Black Friday – but don’t be fooled!

There are some fantastic deals around right now – but don’t feel you have to rush to grab one immediately.

While broadband providers are labelling all of their best offers as ‘Black Friday’ or ‘Cyber Monday’ specials – the truth is most deals might be around a little longer.

We will always show the expiration date of any offers featured on, so you can feel free to take your time.

It’s also important to check the smallprint on any black friday broadband deal that catches your eye. Though there are some truly awesome deals on offer, be aware than some discounts will only apply for a limited period before the price goes back to normal. Again – we will always tell you when this is the case.