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The ISPs you don’t want to have to make a complaint to

ISP customer service remains a key differentiator, and Ofcom research reveals some brands are achieving more than others

The ISPs you don’t want to have to make a complaint toThe ISPs you don’t want to have to make a complaint to Read more

Why do spam emails contain random words?

The phenomenon of random words in spam emails might seem pointless, but these unwanted messages are sent quite deliberately

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Why do UK broadband customers stay loyal to poor providers?

ISP loyalty is often harmful to consumers, yet there are good reasons why people are reluctant to switch provider

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How does free public WiFi work?

Free public WiFi has become big business, as a way of attracting and retaining customers for longer

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Many new build homes still missing full-fibre connectivity

New homes with ultrafast broadband are becoming increasingly common, but you can’t take high-speed connectivity for granted

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Five platforms offering free photography for small businesses

Being able to access free photography for small businesses is a real money-saver, but it’s important to choose your images with care

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It’s time to invest in a Password Manager

Password managers are growing in popularity, as a way of simplifying online security and reducing password frustration

It’s time to invest in a Password ManagerIt’s time to invest in a Password Manager Read more

Does it matter which web browser you use?

Deciding which web browser to use can affect how you experience the internet, yet it’s a choice few of us invest much thought in

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What’s the difference between a mobile dongle and a MiFi hub?

There’s more than one difference between a mobile dongle and a MiFi hub, which is worth understanding if you need temporary (or portable) internet access

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Are there too many TV channels in today’s online age?

The concept of having too many TV channels would have seemed ridiculous twenty years ago, but we’re now saturated with broadcasting content

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How 1980s home computers paved the way for the internet

The explosion in 1980s home computers paved the way for the connected world of the 1990s, and widespread adoption of the internet

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How quickly can fibre optic cables transmit data?

With fibre optic cable data transfer speeds hitting new records, it’s interesting to see how quickly these pipes can distribute digital data

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Are QR codes safe to use?

The question of are QR codes safe has become a hot topic in our post-lockdown society, when it seems every public building requires a QR login

Are QR codes safe to use?Are QR codes safe to use? Read more

What broadband will I need for 8K TV?

8K TV is here, compatible sets are on sale and content is growing. But what broadband will you need to enjoy unprecedented clarity?

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A proprietary email address could save your small business

From garage enterprises to gateway businesses, a proprietary email address is one of the most important tools any small company can call upon

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Tips for cancelling a broadband contract early

There are many reasons why cancelling a broadband contract early may be advantageous, but it could be expensive if not handled correctly.

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What is a smart home?

The definition of what is a smart home has changed over the years, and today it incorporates everything from green energy to automation

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What are email tracking pixels, and why are they used?

As one of the internet’s stealthier monitoring tools, email tracking pixels represent a shift in the way companies record our actions

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4G wireless broadband – is the end nigh?

For many people, 4G wireless broadband provides a lifeline to the internet, but the rollout of 5G might herald its demise

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How to persuade your landlord to upgrade your broadband

If you can persuade landlords to improve broadband, there are clearly defined benefits for all parties.

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The differences between broadband, superfast and ultrafast broadband

Understanding the differences between broadband, superfast and ultrafast broadband will help to ensure your next internet package is suitable

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Why is it hard to get new cable services in established areas?

Millions of consumers would benefit from the faster internet speeds offered by cable services, yet these are often unavailable, even in urban areas

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What are domain names, and how do I buy one?

Buying domain names might seem intimidating, but it’s actually a straightforward way of reserving a corner of the internet

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Multi-gigabit broadband – is it on the horizon?

Multi-gigabit broadband might seem outlandish to people still reliant on ADSL connections, but achievable data transfer speeds are increasing all the time.

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Is quantum computing about to change the world?

Quantum computing potential extends beyond simply processing things faster, offering scope to create entire new consumer services and product offerings

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When is the UK broadband network busiest?

The UK broadband network busiest periods often occur when we’d most like to be online ourselves, but forward planning can reduce the frustration of slow connections

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Comparing the UK’s best streaming services in 2021

The UK's best homegrown streaming platforms offer a variety of content for all audience demographics, but competition – and choice – is growing

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Four ways to stay online during a WiFi outage

Although the loss of internet connectivity can be frustrating, there are other ways to stay online during a WiFi outage

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Ten tips for effective inbox management

Effective inbox management is important whether you’re running a business, working from home or simply trying to keep on top of personal messages

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Free speech online: For & Against

The arguments for and against free speech are both compelling in isolation, so how tolerant should we be of intolerant comments?

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