How fast home broadband helps to build your career

Don't let a sluggish connection hold you back.

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Sunday, 11 August, 2019

In many ways, a career is like a building.

It needs solid foundations, constant maintenance and lots of proactive management.

Without this care and attention, it’ll wither and degrade, to the point where it’s not really fit for anything.

Like properties, careers also benefit from regular upkeep using the latest technology – which includes fast home broadband.

More than their job’s worth

American research shows job-seekers and recruiters alike have changed their behaviour in response to new technologies.

Virtually all job applications are now made online, yet digital connections matter long before that point.

Applicants research firms online before deciding whether to apply, so it’s important for companies to maintain their social media and online profiles.

The same applies to candidates, because recruiters will check them out online too.

And the growing range of web-enabled devices available means they must optimise their online profiles for mobile, tablet and desktop viewing.

That’s where fast home broadband comes in. If you want to improve your career prospects, start work on your online presence now…

Where should I seek work online?

Most job applications are made online. Yet online job boards are increasingly passé.

Social networks, connections and personal referrals are often better ways to get the position you want.

Some employers favour these channels, because they trust the judgement of people they already work with.

If you’re currently job seeking, or think you may want a different role in the future, it makes sense to have a profile on LinkedIn.

With more than 575 million users worldwide, this business-oriented networking site is bound to have members from your industry.

You can set your profile to tell recruiters you’re open to offers, bringing jobs to your inbox.

But LinkedIn works best if you are active on the site. Use that fast home broadband to engage with others, and build a genuine network.

Perhaps surprisingly, Facebook can be a good source of jobs. Again, it works best if you build a genuine, engaged network before seeking work.

Connections can be a great source of information about jobs and even personal referrals. But if you use Facebook to seek work, be aware of your public profile.

Can potential employers see anything that would make them think twice about hiring you?

In fact, this is a point to consider when commenting or posting online in any capacity. If a would-be employer Googles your name, what will they find? And what will they think?

In a similar way, try Googling your potential employer.

What do you think? Would you still like to work for them?

Polish your presence

If you have concerns about your online profile, remember search engines prioritise newer content.

If you start posting and commenting online now, those are the first results a recruiter will see if they search for you by name.

You can set your social media accounts to private, but it’s a good idea to have at least some public presence online.

(Employers may become suspicious if they can’t find you anywhere.)

If you have a fast home broadband connection, you could use it to set up a blog or website, positioning yourself as an expert in your field and managing that identity yourself.

Whatever you do, make sure you remain active within your online networks.

That ought to put you in the best position to land that dream job, and all that goes with it.

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