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Getting broadband with bad credit or no credit check

Getting broadband with bad credit or no credit check

If you have a poor credit history you might find signing up for a broadband contract is more difficult than you might imagine.

You can’t reason with your credit score and if you have missed bill payments in the past, or you have CCJs or debt problems you just have to learn to live with it. This can be an incredibly frustrating experience.

Most broadband providers carry out a credit check on you when you want to enter into a new contract.

They may be unwilling to offer their services if they don’t think they’ll get a good deal in return.

However, it is always worth trying to sign up to a broadband provider even if you have poor credit. Each provider calculates credit differently and you may just get lucky.

All is not lost as there are a range of alternatives for you to get online and to start repairing your credit rating.

The best advice is to check with your preferred supplier before signing up and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Checking your credit score

It’s entirely possible that even with a lacklustre credit history, you will still be able to get top-whack ultrafast broadband. In this case there’s no need to compromise as long as you keep up with your monthly bills.

Many credit check companies charge a fee to you to see your credit score.

However Noddle offers a free online credit check and you won’t need to pay anything.

The drawback is that it requires you to input quite a lot of detail – your home address, how long you’ve lived there, current bank account details – but if you’ve got this info to hand and you do not fear the answers you seek, it’s definitely worth it.

Options for broadband without a credit check

Mobile broadband

If you know you have a poor credit score or don’t fancy being subject to credit checks, 4G mobile broadband may be the most suitable option.

Monthly prices are higher than fixed-line broadband and you you may have to make a compromise on data limits, but mobile broadband offers largely the same benefits as ultrafast fibre broadband.


Certainly the best option for anyone who’d rather avoid a credit check, DirectSave offer low-cost broadband promising no setup fees or hidden costs, and most importantly, no credit check when you sign up. This is probably the best choice for anyone with a poor credit history.

There are some minor drawbacks. DirectSave’s website is not the easiest to navigate but if you can get past the old-school design, there are good options here.

As of November 2017 DirectSave have the cheapest overall monthly deal for ADSL broadband (up to 17Mbps, but speeds will vary and will likely be lower). If you just need to get online then this is a solid option.

DirectSave also offer one-month rolling contracts so you can cancel more easily or switch away if you need to cut your monthly bills.