Do I Need a Credit Check for Broadband?

Thursday, 8 September, 2016

Broadband is becoming an essential service for many of us but for some people, it is almost impossible to get a contract approved. Those with a bad credit rating fail the checks often required to sign up for broadband. If you have been denied a contract, what you might not realise is that a credit check is not always required for a broadband service. Follow these steps to circumvent the credit check nightmare and secure a broadband connection for your home…

Try Signing Up

If you know you have bad credit, don’t be deterred – try signing up for your preferred package (use our site to pick the service most suited to you). Even though most major providers perform credit checks, it’s worth trying. Thousands of customers get accepted to services from the major providers despite a poor credit rating -so it is quite likely you will still be accepted. As part of a push for new customers among the big four providers, the application requirements have recently become easier to meet. If you’re rejected from one, do not keep applying to others. This will leave a trace on your credit rating and worsen your overall score.

Credit-Check Free Providers

If you do get rejected from one of the big suppliers, don’t panic. There are alternative options open to you. Several providers offer broadband without a credit check – TenTel, Direct Save Telecom, and BT Basic are the three main options for those with a poor credit history. Keep in mind that none of these offer the same value for money or level of service as the major providers but they will give you broadband access while you work on improving your credit score.

Can You Improve Your Chances?

Even if you have large debts, you may be able to get a good broadband deal if you can demonstrate stability in your financial life. Long-term employment history, residence at the same address for more than two years, a consistent record with the same bank and being registered on the electoral roll will all be marks in your favour.

Check Your Record

Before applying for any form of credit, you should always check your credit rating. Your credit record provides a full account of all your financial history. In addition to a score, it will detail credit agreements, applications, balances and missed payments for the last six years. You can get hold of this information for a nominal fee from agencies like Experian, Equifax or Callcredit.