What do I do if my broadband bill’s wrong?

Don't be afraid to question your provider if something seems off!

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Wednesday, 20 November, 2019

Despite the numerous shortcuts and conveniences provided by the internet, modern life is uniquely stressful.

By the time work, family responsibilities and social commitments have been discharged each week, there can be little time left for anything else.

As a result, millions of people across the UK overlook their personal finances – automatically renewing contracts, or setting up direct debits without bothering to check online statements.

This can be a big mistake when it comes to services like home broadband accounts.

Broadband providers are notorious for making mistakes in customer account billing, particularly when customers have signed up to introductory deals or been offered discounts.

Your correspondent spent the entirety of a twelve-month cable contract phoning up to request discounts which hadn’t been applied, and trying to make sense of incorrect split-month bills.

The contract ended a year to the day after it started, but arguments about overpayments dragged on for several more months until a final refund was issued.

Correcting a broadband bill often involves being proactive – identifying overpayments, or demanding compensation for a product or service you’ve paid for but not received.

Here’s how to ensure you don’t end up paying over the odds for your broadband…

Practical tips for correcting a broadband bill

Broadband bills are rarely deliberately wrong, but large companies often end up making mistakes because of human error.

From sales teams and engineers to contact centre staff and accounts personnel, you’re relying on several departments of your chosen provider to work together effectively.

When this doesn’t happen, patience and persistence should ensure any overpayments are refunded – even if that’s a slower process than it should be…

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