How to win the battle with slow Wifi

Crap wireless connectivity is the top bugbear for Brits - don't let it drag you down

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Tuesday, 17 December, 2019

If you were asked to name the biggest irritations in modern life, there’d be no shortage of suggestions.

Yet in a recent survey of British consumers, the (rather surprising) top answer was ‘slow Wifi’.

Forty per cent of respondents in the survey by Wifi UK cited buffering as their biggest inconvenience.

That placed it ahead of other first-world problems like low smartphone battery life, or trying to book a doctor’s appointment.

Few people would argue that buffering video streams and sluggish webpages are frustrating, especially in today’s time-poor culture.

However, the survey also revealed Brits have unrealistic expectations of their WiFi connections.

Respondents claimed they had an average download speed of 52Mbps, when in reality, the average UK download speed is less than half that – 22.37Mbps.

And while 57 per cent of people have experienced WiFi-related problems, many end up arguing with family members and housemates rather than attempting to solve the problem.

Slow slow quick quick slow

There is widespread acknowledgement that slow WiFi isn’t a constant issue. Respondents to the survey said their download speeds varied from quick to slow over the course of a week.

Yet there seems to be surprisingly little public awareness of ways to resolve the problem.

These are some of the best ways to tackle slow WiFi…

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