Everything you need to know about Community Fibre

Community Fibre are a small, London-based FTTP ISP. Though they are rapidly expanding, they currently only offer broadband to a small number of postcodes.

As a full-fibre broadband provider, the run fibre-optic broadband cables directly to your home, cutting out the Openreach network altogether. This enables them to offer extremely fast and reliable broadband.

While their higher-end packages cost a pretty penny, at the lower end their 50Mbps fibre is one of the cheapest of it’s type. Shame it’s only available to the lucky ones!

What can you get with Community Fibre?

Fibre broadband

The clue’s in the name! Community Fibre offer a wide range of full-fibre packages, meaning there’s a deal to suit every pocket.

Starting with a fairly standard and very affordable 50Mbps, and going right up to the Gigafast 920Mbps option. Faster deals are on the pricey side, but bear in mind that discounts are available if you sign up to a 24 month contract.


No landline means no calls packages. While some full-fibre providers offer VoIP deals, Community Fibre has yet to go down this route.


Community Fibre don’t mess around with TV offers – but bear in mind that with their super fast and reliable broadband, streaming from Netflix, iPlayer etc will be easy peasy!