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Cancelling your broadband contract

Cancelling your broadband contract

Monday, 12 September, 2016

So, you signed up for a broadband deal six months ago and now halfway through it, the price has gone up, your service has slowed and you can’t get an accurate billing breakdown. It’s a frustrating situation to be in and all you really want to know is – can I cancel my broadband contract?
The simple answer is yes but the process is a little more complex than that, so we’ve taken some time to explain how to cancel a contract with any major broadband provider…

Cancel or Switch?

Firstly, you need to decide whether you need to cancel your broadband entirely or simply switch to another provider. You will only need to cancel if you’re moving home or you’ve decided a broadband connection is no longer necessary. By changing provider your old contract will be automatically cancelled. To switch, enter your postcode on our site and pick the deal you want. When you sign up for it, your new provider will cancel the old contract on your behalf.

Email Addresses

Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) also offer customers a free email address to use for the length of the contract. If you cancel or switch providers you will lose access to this account, so you’ll need to transfer your contacts and emails, place a redirect on all messages or call the provider to see if there are other options available.

Small Print

Dig out your existing contract, dust it off and look at the small print.You need to know the date you joined, the minimum term and length of the contract. Without these details you will be unable to cancel your account. If you’ve not passed the minimum contract term, it will be a bit more difficult to cancel. Aslong as you’ve passed this date you can terminate it without any penalty.
If the contract’s minimum term has not expired, then expect to pay the remaining monthly payments and an additional surcharge – some will even request that all equipment like routers and YouView boxes are returned.
Sky offer a £100 bonus if you switch away from another provider and take on one of its packages. You won’t get cash but £100 will be credited to your Sky account. This can only be claimed if you order the Sky package over the phone.


The small print of your contract will state how much notice is required to cancel and how you have to do it – usually by phone, letter or email. Most providers ask for thirty days notice, so you have to time it wisely if you’re moving out of a property.
When contacting your ISP to cancel be sure to ask about the final payment date. After this there shouldn’t be any more payments to that provider, but these systems are prone to mix ups. Cancel your direct debit with your bank so no more money is taken by mistake.

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