Broadband providers – the full list for August 2018

Friday, 3 August, 2018

If you’re unhappy about your home broadband service, you’re not alone.

The overall volume of complaints against broadband providers has stayed disappointingly high throughout the last year, according to Ofcom’s most recent figures.

Customers are more likely to complain about broadband services than landlines, mobile services or pay TV.

That makes switching provider a tempting proposition – but who should you choose?

Below, we round up all the home and mobile broadband providers currently listed on, including a brief summary of what they offer.

We’ve ordered them alphabetically, and summarised the cheapest deal on offer at the beginning of August.

Every firm listed below has deals on our site – you can see each company’s latest offerings by clicking on the relevant brand logo on our homepage, below the tabs for Home or Mobile.

Home broadband providers

  • <a href=”” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>BT: The former telecommunications monopoly-holder has 60 deals active on our site, priced from a hefty £319 per 12 months but increasing to 67Mbps average line speed
  • Direct Save Telecom: Launched in 1999, this budget provider has a maximum average speed of 64Mbps, with total first-year costs of just £215 – or rolling one-month contracts
  • EE: T-Mobile and Orange’s merger gave us EE, whose contracts are peppered with incentives and freebies. A minimum 12-month contract applies, but prices begin at £238
  • First Utility: The UK’s seventh-largest energy provider majors on 18-month contracts, starting at £227 for the first year. Discounts are offered to existing energy customers
  • John Lewis Broadband: Across a handful of 12-month contracts, John Lewis has typical average speeds and prices from £240. Bullguard PC security is bundled in for free
  • NOW Broadband: Serving up a total of 45 deals on our website, NOW contracts range from one to 18 months; a cut-price £189 12-month deal is presently available
  • Post Office: A variety of 12 and 18-month contracts are provided by the Post Office. Online protection comes as standard, and annual prices commence at a competitive £204
  • Plusnet: High profile advertising underpins Plusnet’s offerings, many with £50 cashback. Every package includes online parental controls, priced from £227 per year
  • Sky: We currently have 71 Sky broadband deals available, reflecting the wealth of choice on offer. Packages start from £225 for a minimum 12-month contract term
  • SSE: Another energy company offering broadband, SSE has one-month rolling contracts at 10, 35 or 63Mbps. Prices are fixed for three years for existing energy customers
  • TalkTalk: Despite regularly topping Ofcom’s complaints list, TalkTalk’s competitive prices include 12-month deals from £204. Every package bundles in call privacy features
  • Virgin Media: Cable-based Virgin Media is uniquely flexible, with a remarkable 91 deals. Line speeds destroy rivals, but a one-year contract will set you back at least £368
  • Vodafone: Unlike most of the other firms in this list, Vodafone only offers 35 or 63Mbps average line speeds. Each contract is 18 months, and first-year costs begin at £276.

Mobile broadband providers

If acquiring a landline is problematic, or if you’re intending to split your time between more than one location, mobile broadband might represent a practical solution.

It takes one of two forms – a plug-in USB dongle for a single device, or a compact router-style hub capable of outputting a WiFi signal for wireless devices to connect to.

Dongles and hubs both rely on available 4G signals, though line speeds fluctuate constantly and costs are generally higher than fixed broadband services:

  • Lebara: With a limited array of one or 24-month deals currently on offer, Lebara’s packages start at £5 per month for 0.5GB. Their fastest line speed is up to 20Mbps
  • O2: We currently have 50 O2 deals listed, at a variety of one, 12 and 24-month contracts. Line speeds top out at 67Mbps, and the highest data allowance is 50GB per month
  • EE: There’s plenty of choice at EE. Huge 100GB allowances involve paying £55 for 18 months, whereas 5GB at up to 60Mbps costs £15 on a one-month rolling subscription
  • Three: With prices starting from £7 per month, Three customers can take their pick of contract lengths. Line speeds mirror Lebara’s, but data allowances are very flexible
  • Virgin Media: Unlike fixed line packages, Virgin only offers a handful of mobile deals. Each is 4G, with speeds of up to 150Mpbs for one or 12 months from £5 per month
  • Vodafone: A basic 2GB package costs £11 per month, at speeds of up to 100Mbps. Vodafone also offers a variety of 3G options, or 50GB 4G dongles for £30 per month.
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