DirectSave Reviews & Ratings

We have reviews and ratings from 10 verified customers of DirectSave broadband.

We surveyed new customers 60 to 120 days after switching to DirectSave - here's what they told us:

  • Unfortunately my switch was very delayed. The router they sent was faulty and had to be returned and I was stuck without internet for over a week. The connection is not good, and overall it's not worth it for the small saving on monthly outgoings.

    Overall Satisfaction: 2/10

  • The switch between my old provider and the new one went well, very pleased about smooth switch. Speed is okay. Good service so far and I'm very happy about my choice.

    Overall Satisfaction: 7/10

  • The switch took a long time but went well. However the speed is not great and there was hidden charges I got to know about later which I had to pay - not too happy with that.

    Overall Satisfaction: 6/10

Avg. 6.5/10

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10 Reviews

Satisfaction and Value for Money

  • Users gave DirectSave 6.5/10 for overall satisfaction, and rated them 6.2/10 on value for money.
  • When asked why they chose DirectSave broadband, 90% said that they offered the most cost effective deal at the time.
  • Other reasons customers cited were: broadband speed (10%).

Switching and Initial Setup

  • On average, the customers we surveyed gave DirectSave a rating of 7.4/10 for handling their broadband switch.
  • Most customers reported that it took less than 2 weeks from placing an order with DirectSave until their new broadband was up and running.
  • 20% of new DirectSave users had to have a new phone line or cable installed.
  • To get set up, 10% required a home visit from an engineer, with 0% needing repeat visits.
  • 20% of customers surveyed told us they needed a router upgrade and 10% required additional wifi signal boosters.

Broadband Speed & Reliability

  • For broadband speed, customers rated DirectSave 6.6/10 on average.
  • Users gave them 6.6/10 for the reliability of their broadband connection.
  • 20% of people experienced issues with intermittent downtime, with 10% saying their broadband was down persistently.
  • 20% of respondents told us they had a slow connection at least some of the time.
  • 20% said they had a poor wifi signal in some parts of their home.

Everything you need to know about DirectSave

DirectSave Telecom is the trading name of UK Utilities Ltd, a telephone and broadband provider based in Watford who have been around since 1995.

DirectSave offer both capped and unlimited broadband deals, as well as a wide selection of ADSL and fibre broadband products on either a contract or no-contract basis.

DirectSave is all about the bundles, where you can package together your broadband and phone, and tailor it to what you actually use. They are also one of the few providers to offer one-month rolling and 12 month deals as well as 18 month contracts, for ultimate flexibility.

There are varying set-up fees ranging from £24.95 to £45.80.

What can you get with DirectSave?

ADSL broadband

DirectSave offer ADSL broadband up to 17Mbps and ADSL+ broadband with speeds up to 24Mbps. Contracts of one month, 12 months and 18 months are available and start at £21 a month.


DirectSave offer three kinds of calls packages to add to your broadband. Calls to UK landlines cost 10.25p per minute, while calls to UK mobiles come in at 15p per minute.

Pay per use calls, Free Evenings & Weekends goes for £2.95 per month or the Free Anytime package costs £7.65 per month.


DirectSave offer a range of mobile call plans for both business and home use.

Fibre broadband

There are two kinds of fibre broadband where it is available: Superfast Fibre 38Mbps and Superfast Fibre 76Mbps.


DirectSave don’t have any TV options bundled along with their broadband and phone deals.

Business broadband

DirectSave have a wide range of business phone and broadband packages, along with all the inclusive extras you might need, starting from £7.50 a month.

Why choose DirectSave?

While their prices are not the cheapest on the market, DirectSave are one of the few broadband providers not to carry out credit checks on potential customers, so if you’re struggling to get a contract elsewhere then DirectSave may be for you.

If you love your extra bargains DirectSave give all of their new customers free signup to their World Privilege Plus savings card, which offers cashback and discounts on a range of shopping and lifestyle products.