Is EE broadband any good?

We have reviews and ratings from 23 verified customers of EE broadband.

We surveyed new customers 60 to 120 days after switching to EE - here's what they told us:

  • I had initially tried to get FTTP from Vodafone, but they were completely incompetent at fulfilling the order. After declining Vodafone's request to give them a 3rd chance, I chose EE and they were great from start to finish. The router provided is very under powered, would recommend swapping it out for a decent router.

    Overall Satisfaction: 9/10

  • Really terrible. They took four months from order date. Never reached promised speed. Only saving Grace was the engineer was really nice.

    Overall Satisfaction: 1/10

  • The engineer was brilliant and very thorough. It took longer than expected for our new connection but this was due to not having a phone line already. So far the connection has been good. I haven’t had to contact customer service since joining ee and that is a positive first!

    Overall Satisfaction: 9/10

On average, people switching to EE saved around £4.37 per month, and rated their EE broadband 8.1/10.

New customers told us that they waited around less than 2 weeks between ordering and getting set up with EE.

To read more about what customers think of EE's broadband deals, check out our EE reviews page for 20 more reviews and in-depth ratings data.

Everything you need to know about EE

EE – or to give the business its full and mostly forgotten title – Everything Everywhere, is a 4G mobile network and fixed-line broadband provider.

The now-defunct mobile networks Orange and T-Mobile were merged in 2015 and added to EE’s customers.

BT bought EE for £12.5 billion in August 2016. EE is run as a separate company to BT, with its own staff, CEO Marc Allera and separate management.

EE channels its new customers towards 18-month contracts; you can get shorter 12-month contracts but the prices are bumped up a little more.

What can you get?

ADSL broadband

EE provides unlimited standard ADSL at maximum speeds of 17Mbps using the Openreach network.


EE does calls a little differently to other broadband providers. You have two main add-ons for calls. Add Anytime Calls to any broadband deal for £4 a month, or Anytime Calls with 1,500 mobile minutes for £10 a month.

Mobile broadband

EE’s 4G speed and coverage are consistently rated the UK’s best. EE mobile broadband is available either as a SIM, as a Car WiFi dongle you can plug in and use on the road, or as a WiFi Hub to use at home. Data usage is ever increasing


EE is best known for being one of the Big Four mobile networks in the UK. Its 4G SIM Only deals aren’t the cheapest out there but do offer download speeds up to 60Mbps.

Business broadband

There’s no business broadband from EE as of November 2017. That’s unlikely to change in future, as EE positions itself as a network for the general public.

Fibre broadband

All of EE’s fibre broadband deals are unlimited usage. They come in two main varieties, up to 38Mbps and up to 76Mbps.

Why choose EE?

If you already have a 12-month EE mobile SIM or contract, their data add-on when you take broadband could be right up your street. Deals come with the added extra of 5GB of data every month on top of your current deal. However, this add-on isn’t available if you have a 30-day SIM Only deal with EE, it only works with 12-month contracts.

EE’s 4G mobile broadband is on the pricey side, but if standard or fibre broadband won’t work for you, or isn’t available in your area, it’s a decent option. Its 90Mbps wireless 4G speeds also match the best download speeds on the market, only bettered by Virgin Media.

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