Post Office Reviews & Ratings

We have reviews and ratings from 10 verified customers of Post Office broadband.

We surveyed new customers 60 to 120 days after switching to Post Office - here's what they told us:

  • All was fine. Everything was set up the way it should have been in the time line set out by the company. Very happy.

    Overall Satisfaction: 10/10

  • No problems with the switch. Mostly brilliant connection, and good speed. Good customer service.

    Overall Satisfaction: 9/10

  • I have found the broadband can be very slow. The included wifi router is also not very good for 2 or more devices. Customer service is easy to contact over the phone but have no option to pay bill online .

    Overall Satisfaction: 5/10

On average, people switching to Post Office saved around £14.3 per month, and rated their Post Office broadband 8.3/10.

New customers told us that they waited around less than 2 weeks between ordering and getting set up with Post Office.

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Everything you need to know about the Post Office

The Post Office is state owned, and far from delivering letters now offers broadband and phone services through the TalkTalk network.

Until 2017 Post Office only sold standard ADSL broadband offering maximum speeds of 17Mbps. Fibre services were added in August 2017.

The Post Office bought out collapsed ISP Fuel Broadband in August 2017, taking on around 60,000 customers.

Fair warning, Post Office landline phone services have consistently negative reviews from Ofcom and its broadband services are reported to have lower-than-expected speeds.

ADSL broadband

The Post Office sells ADSL up to 17Mbps as Unlimited Broadband.


Inclusive weekend calls come as standard. You can add Evening Calls for £3 a month or Anytime Calls for £8 a month.


No SIM Only or contract plans available as of November 2017.

Business broadband

No Post Office business broadband as of November 2017.

Fibre broadband

The Post Office started selling fibre broadband in August 2017. A limited-speed 38Mbps fibre service and the other 76Mbps fibre are available with £30 set-up fees up front. Both come with free weekend calls and a free WiFi router.

Why choose Post Office?

Broadband is among the cheapest on the market so if you are extremely budget-conscious the Post Office might work for you.

Customers should consider user reviews before making any commitment.

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