Everything you need to know about Toople

Toople are a relatively new broadband provider focused entirely on selling business broadband and phone packages to SMEs and small businesses.

Their parent company Toople PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Toople.com started selling broadband to businesses in May 2016 and as of September 2017 they have around 1,000 business customers.

They say their signature promise is to “make a massive difference to your business connectivity and the ability to communicate”.

Based in Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire, Toople are highly rated for their personalised customer service with the likes of Trustpilot.

Toople can offer your business a static IP if required, and also offer free routers and free broadband. In most cases you’ll only be paying for line rental.

What can you get with Toople?

ADSL broadband

Toople offer ADSL+ broadband with speeds up to 24Mbps. Contracts come in both 12 and 24 month varieties and start at £17.50 a month.


Toople offer many types of Calls packages bundled up with their broadband. You can add these at the buying stage or afterwards but it is probably easiest to decide what you want first before starting to pay for it.


Toople have a series of customisable mobile calls packages you can take either with or without business broadband.

Fibre broadband

First Utility offer two kinds of fibre broadband where it is available: up to 40Mbps and up to 80Mbps.


Toople are primarily a business broadband provider and so don’t sell any TV packages.

Business broadband

This is Toople’s whole business model so they go all out to offer the best business broadband on the market.

Why choose Toople?

Toople have gained plaudits as a new entrant for their customer service in a crowded business broadband market. Their choice of 12 or 24 month contracts and low entry point will please smaller businesses looking to keep costs down, and being able to add landline calls or mobile calls on top is a bonus.

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