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Until 14 Sept: Prepaid £100 Mastercard with Sky Broadband and Fibre

£50 reward cards still on Sky broadband, fibre, phone deals

Sky has brought back its offer of £50 cashback across the entire broadband range, from 17Mbps standard speed up to 76Mbps Fibre to the Cabinet.

This cashback comes in the form of a prepaid Mastercard that Sky send to you after you’ve switched to Sky broadband and the new service is up and running.

The card itself is loaded up with £50 and you can spend this both in stores and online.

Words of warning

  • Sky TV and broadband deals bundled together don’t include the £50 Mastercard, so it’s not a cheap way to get your Sky TV fix.
  • Just be aware that Sky has this offer open across all its deals – including ones that DO NOT come with unlimited data usage.

    It’s very rarely worth saving money by picking a deal that is not unlimited as the charges can rack up dramatically if you go even a small amount over your limit.

  • Our advice? Never choose a broadband deal that’s not unlimited, no matter how much you think you might save.

£50 cashback offers with Sky broadband

The cheapest Sky deals start at £20 a month for standard speed broadband, with download speeds up to 17Mbps.

While these deals work well for those who just need to get online to read emails and go on Facebook, they’re probably not suitable for homes with more than two people trying to get online at once, or those who stream a lot of Netflix boxsets, game online or stream Spotify incessantly.

You can add any kind of calls package you want, if you still use a landline phone.

Just watch there’s a £9.95 up front fee to pay these offers below.

  • Broadband Essential

    Broadband Essential

    Average* 11Mbps UnlimitedBroadband
    Set-up costs £9.95
    • Add Sky Broadband Buddy for £2.50/mo to get....
    • Proactive Service
    • Premium Service Visits
  • Broadband Essential with Anytime Calls

    Broadband Essential with Anytime Calls

    Average* 11Mbps UnlimitedBroadband
    Offer ends:27/06/2019
    Set-up costs £9.95
    • Add Sky Broadband Buddy for £2.50/mo to get....
    • Proactive Service
    • Premium Service Visits

Sky broadband gets fewest complaints

Sky is on a high after being rated the least complained-about broadband provider in the UK in the 2017 Ofcom complaints figures.

Its broadband generated just seven complaints per 100,000 customers and with the result took the best large ISP award for the sixth quarter running.

Before Sky, Virgin Media was rated Ofcom’s best broadband provider for customer service but Sky took over the crown in early 2016 and has held on since.

£50 cashback offers with Sky Fibre

Sky’s fibre comes in two flavours, Fibre Unlimited at 38Mbps downloads speeds, and Fibre Max at 76Mbps downloads.

Fibre Max also comes with this Sky speed guarantee if speeds ever drop below 55Mbps.

if you don’t get this speed consistently within the first 30 days, you can get your money back, cancel and switch broadband again without paying any financial penalty to Sky.

To be eligible for your money back with the Sky Fibre Max Speed Guarantee you must check your download speed at the My Broadband page on the Sky website. This page will also give you your average daily speed.

Rather annoyingly, there is a £59.95 up front fee to pay for Sky Fibre, which negates the £50 cashback you’ll get from your free Mastercard.

Still, it is the best rated the UK has to offer.

  • Broadband Superfast

    Broadband Superfast

    Average* 59Mbps UnlimitedFibre
    Offer ends:27/06/2019
    Set-up costs £9.95
    • Add Sky Broadband Buddy for £2.50/mo to get....
    • Proactive Service
    • Premium Service Visits

Claiming your Sky prepaid Mastercard

  • Sign in to the Sky Reward Claim page with your Sky ID. Help finding your Sky ID here
  • You’ve got 90 days from the date your broadband or TV is activated to claim your prepaid Mastercard
  • Can be used for any purchase in-store or online, except for gambling, cash withdrawals, foreign currency or at petrol stations
  • Watch out for the 12 month limit – any unspent money on the card will expire after a year.
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