Everything you need to know about John Lewis Broadband

John Lewis entered the broadband market in 2012, growing out of the now-defunct Waitrose Broadband and Green Bee Broadband.

John Lewis Broadband is provided by Plusnet, so you’ll get all the same network reliability offered by the Yorkshire brand.

It is focused on a simple proposition of without multiple add-ons. There are just three main packages available, each on a 12 month contract: Unlimited (ADSL 17Mbps), Fibre (38Mbps), and Fibre Extra (76Mbps).

A phone line with Evening and Weekend Calls comes as standard at no extra cost across the range. Extra calls packages are available.

If you need a phone line installed and are taking John Lewis Broadband, it’ll cost £49.99 to get a new line put in.

All John Lewis Broadband is sold as unlimited usage, which means you can stream and download to your heart’s content without worrying about hitting any data caps.

John Lewis is one of the few providers to offer a freephone customer service line 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What can you get with John Lewis Broadband?

ADSL broadband

John Lewis offers ADSL Unlimited Broadband at maximum speeds of 17Mbps.


Yes. Calls packages are available. You can get Line Rental only, which gives you a phone line with Evening and Weekend Calls ready bundled in, or you can add Anytime Calls to landlines for £5 a month or Anytime and Mobile Calls for £10 a month.


There’s no mobile or SIM Only service available from John Lewis Broadband.

Fibre broadband

John Lewis offer two kinds of fibre broadband: Fibre at 38Mbps and Fibre Extra at 76Mbps.


John Lewis does not have TV deals bundled in with its broadband.

Business broadband

No John Lewis business broadband packages available as of November 2017.

Why choose John Lewis?

John Lewis is focused on an easy-to-understand service without being over fussy on adding extra options. It uses the Plusnet broadband network and so is aimed at the value end of the market.

If you have a problem with your broadband speed the first three months of service and they can’t fix it, you’re able to cancel your contract early, penalty-free.

Router delivery and set-up is free, and all John Lewis Broadband comes with PC security included.