Plusnet Reviews & Ratings

We have reviews and ratings from 29 verified customers of Plusnet broadband.

We surveyed new customers 60 to 120 days after switching to Plusnet - here's what they told us:

  • Switch was very easy and everything was delivered to my new address in time for me moving in. Help provided by contact team was very helpful. Price was good at the welcome bonus helped me decide. Internet is great however does occasionally drop out of signal but not half as much as it did with my old provider.

    Overall Satisfaction: 10/10

  • The switch was slightly weird as I was expecting an engineer to turn up - in fact no one did. I just received a text message saying that the switch had been completed. This had been completed without someone actually having to visit the property. Sadly this did not actually result in me having any internet - and after a long phone call to various people they accepted that they had to physically send someone to my house to complete the installation. This was duly done a week or so later. The engineer was very good and charming and sorted out the problem.

    Overall Satisfaction: 8/10

  • The switch went very smoothly , and Plusnet kept us updated constantly through each stage. We’ve had no issues with the service and have saved money. Altogether been very satisfied with the decision to change providers.

    Overall Satisfaction: 9/10

Avg. 8.1/10

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29 Reviews

Satisfaction and Value for Money

  • The customers we asked said they saved on average £6 per month by switching to Plusnet broadband.
  • Users gave Plusnet 8.1/10 for overall satisfaction, and rated them 8/10 on value for money.
  • When asked why they chose Plusnet broadband, 83% said that they offered the most cost effective deal at the time.
  • Other reasons customers cited were: broadband speed (10%), the provider's reputation (3%), availability (3%).

Switching and Initial Setup

  • On average, the customers we surveyed gave Plusnet a rating of 8.9/10 for handling their broadband switch.
  • Most customers reported that it took less than 2 weeks from placing an order with Plusnet until their new broadband was up and running.
  • 3% of new Plusnet users had to have a new phone line or cable installed.
  • To get set up, 24% required a home visit from an engineer, with 7% needing repeat visits.
  • 34% of customers surveyed told us they needed a router upgrade and 3% required additional wifi signal boosters.

Broadband Speed & Reliability

  • For broadband speed, customers rated Plusnet 7.4/10 on average.
  • Users gave them 7.9/10 for the reliability of their broadband connection.
  • 21% of people experienced issues with intermittent downtime, with 3% saying their broadband was down persistently.
  • 17% of respondents told us they had a slow connection at least some of the time.
  • 17% said they had a poor wifi signal in some parts of their home.

Everything you need to know about Plusnet

Originally an independent broadband provider based in Sheffield, Plusnet were bought out by BT in 2007. They still run as an independent company and continue to rely on their Yorkshire brand.

Most Plusnet deals tend towards the cheaper end of the market, focusing on value and simple pricing rather than all the bells and whistles.

All home broadband deals come with unlimited usage. Some traffic management may take place on your Plusnet connection – see which providers do this, and how it could affect you, here.

Broadband is available on 12 month contracts or for more flexibility, on a 30-day rolling contract.

Plusnet is one of the only providers to offer these shorter broadband contracts.

What can you get with Plusnet?

ADSL broadband

Plusnet offers unlimited ADSL broadband at maximum speeds of 17Mbps.


Yes. Calls packages are available. You can get Line Rental only, which gives you a phone line but no calls bundled in, or you can add Evening and Weekends or Anytime Calls for £4 a month or £8 a month respectively.


Existing Plusnet SIM Only customers can get a discount if they’re also with Plusnet for home broadband too. See Plusnet 4G SIM Only deals on our sister site

It is aimed at the value end of the market with cheap data complete with excellent call coverage throughout the UK.

Plusnet uses the EE network so you know you’ll be getting the fastest data speeds.

Fibre broadband

Plusnet offer two kinds of fibre broadband: Unlimited Fibre at 38Mbps and Unlimited Fibre Extra at 76Mbps.


Plusnet offers TV packages through Youview. You will need to be a home phone and fibre broadband customer with Plusnet to access this, though.

Just watch out on the contract length, too. Each Youview box comes on an 18 month contract, so if you have a 12 month broadband deal you’ll need to renew it to carry on watching the channels you get.

A Youview TV box gives you 70 Freeview channels and BT Sport Lite. You also get 20 entertainment channels including MTV, SyFy, UK Gold and Discovery Channel.

You can watch all of the major on-demand apps including BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and All4 and using the Youview box you can scroll back 7 days, as well as being able to pause and rewind live TV.

A standard Youview box costs £5 a month and comes with a £5.99 up front cost.

The Youview+ box is also £5 a month but costs an extra £57.99 up front. With this you get all the Freeview channels along with the ability to record up to 150 hours of HD TV.

Business broadband

No Plusnet business broadband packages available as of November 2017.

Why choose Plusnet?

Plusnet has some of the best-value broadband packages with decent cost-benefit ratio. Customer service is well-rated.