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Sky fibre deals now with £75 Reward Card

Sky fibre deals now with £75 Reward Card

Sky fibre deals are back in a week-long flash sale for those who love premium TV and some of the UK’s best rated broadband.

Until 2 April 2018 you can grab one of their cheap fibre broadband deals bundled together with calls and line rental and get yourself a £75 Reward Card too.

Pro tip: Sky fibre deals that run at 76Mbps come with a speed guarantee of at least 55Mbps.

If you take out Sky Fibre Max and you can’t consistently get 55Mbps downloads, you can apply to break your contract and switch away without financial penalty.

Check your broadband speed with this industry standard tool.

You’ll be able to find your upload and download speeds in a matter of seconds.

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Sky fibre deals at 38Mbps

When you bundle in more services you’ll get more of a discount.

Adding TV packages for sports, entertainment or movies will give you more money off the list price.

Just watch out for non-unlimited data deals. Sky are one of the only ISPs to still sell monthly packages with data limits of 12GB or 25GB.

For the average family data-limited deals will not be suitable, as streaming iPlayer or Netflix, or even kids using the WiFi on their phones and tablets will eat into that small limit.

Sky fibre deals at 76Mbps

Sky’s Fibre Max is their quickest broadband product and will suit anyone who needs the fastest possible speeds at home.

You can add in any calls and TV package you want, and most will still come with the £75 Reward Card included.

These deals close at midnight on 2 April 2018.

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