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Sky Best Value Totally Unlimited Broadband

On: Monday, 20 May, 2013

Sky BroadbandIf you like the sound of getting the UK’s best value totally unlimited home broadband then make sure you go to Sky.com/BestValueBB to see how you can get exactly that if you upgrade your Sky package to include Sky Broadband Unlimited for just an extra £7.50 a month.

This deal at Sky.com/BestValueBB is open to current Sky TV customer looking to upgrade their package to include Sky Broadband Unlimited, and means that if you are already with Sky TV you can get the UK’s best value totally unlimited broadband package at just £7.50 a month.


Sky Hub

  • Sky Hub, the best Sky wireless router ever
  • Sky Talk Weekends
  • Absolutley no usage caps
  • Unlimited wi-fi minutes at 1000s of hotspots throughout the UK


  • £7.50 extra a month if you’re with Sky TV
  •  Plus line rental of £14.50 a month


  • Available to existing Sky TV customers
  • 12 month contract
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